TSAVLIRIS SALVAGE GROUP - Wreck-removal Services

Over the years the TSAVLIRIS SAVLAGE GROUP's people have put their heart and soul into hundreds of successful salvage operations. Increasingly, their expertise and determination to see the job executed efficiently, has been in demand for major wreck removals and similar large-scale sub-sea and surface works.


Projects to remove or recover submerged assets often involve a variety of issues including: environmental challenges, navigation safety, unobstructed access to ports, and of course the high value of material or equipment which has been lost. The Group's record of reliably delivering the most difficult projects on time and to the satisfaction of the customer speaks for itself.


TSAVLIRIS' unique approach starts with entering a highly competitive bid for the project. The aim is "to always do what we say we can do", which means having the experience to realistically assess complex and often risky undertakings in terms of both time and budget. At this initial stage the group's flexibility, allied to industrial-type planning, often enables TSAVLIRIS to achieve significant cost and time savings for the customer.


Cases such as the "POSEIDON EXPRESS", "KOSTAKOS", "FENES" and "GREEN OPAL" highlight a number of the groups' strengths when an operation is in progress. These include strict safety management, motivating and coordinating a large multi-disciplinary task force for the entire duration of the project and efficient equipment management. In addition, Tsavliris maintains smooth communications with all interested parties which may include insurers, property owners, the armed forces, local authorities, environmental agencies, and the news media.


The Reference List provides information on wreck-removal projects undertaken by TSAVLIRIS in recent years.