Salvors have long played an important role in preventing or, where this is not possible, limiting accident-generated pollution. This together with an increasing emphasis on Quality Shipping has led to a situation in which merchant vessels now account for less than 5% of total pollution of the world's seas and oceans.


TSAVLIRIS, as an international salvor, is part of the vital first line of defence in fighting the environmental threat from marine casualties. Many salvage operations can be cited to demonstrate the Group's role in preventing and controlling marine pollution.


The Group is an avid supporter of the work of the Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association (HELMEPA - www.helmepa.gr), which was founded in 1982, of Cyprus Marine Environment Protection Association (CYMEPA - www.cymepa.org.cy), founded in 1992, and of the recently formed International Marine Environment Protection Association (INTERMEPA - www.intermepa.org), founded 2006 .TSAVLIRIS' Principals serve on the board of HELMEPA and hold the presidency of CYMEPA and INTERMEPA.


TSAVLIRIS SALVAGE GROUP is a world-class professional marine salvor, dedicated to saving life and property at sea and to protecting the marine environment from accident-related pollution. TSAVLIRIS is resolved to unhesitatingly deliver expert assistance to any casualty worldwide. All parties involved - including ship and cargo interests, the crew and nearby coastal communities - are the Group's customers. As such they deserve "the best services we can offer, as do our seas and shores".


TSAVLIRIS is committed to maintaining a modern, global network through the strategic stationing of its own salvage assets, as well as friendly cooperation with regional and international salvage firms, and will continue to enhance its proven ability to respond quickly and efficiently to maritime emergencies wherever they occur.