TSAVLIRIS SALVAGE GROUP - Salvage & Towage Services

TSAVLIRIS is at the forefront of today's marine salvage industry and is well established as one of the world's leading emergency contractor, performing consistently more Lloyd's Open Form salvage services than any other company.

The Group provides a comprehensive range of essential services related to salvage, including pollution prevention and control, cargo salvage and preservation, rescue at sea, firefighting, sub-sea operations, deep-sea towages and off-shore support.


The Group takes a pro-active, innovative approach to all aspects of the salvage business. The TSAVLIRIS Group puts a premium on client satisfaction and therefore, treats each casualty's interests with the utmost attention and care. In addition they work with insurers to find new formulas aimed at eliminating unnecessary costs in the arbitration process.


TSAVLIRIS is committed to maintaining a modern, global network for providing rapid assistance to the shipping industry. This is achieved through the strategic stationing of its own salvage assets, as well as friendly cooperation with regional and international salvage firms. The goal for the future is to continue enhancing its proven ability to respond quickly and efficiently to maritime emergencies wherever they may occur.


High profile operations include the six-week odyssey of the 31,000 dwt "CASTOR" in 2001, when "NIKOLAY CHIKER" battled to save both the tanker and it's cargo of unleaded gasoline after her main deck cracked in rough weather off Morocco. Another noteworthy example includes the recovery of 39,500 tonnes of crude oil aboard the 87,500 dwt "TASMAN SPIRIT" in 2003, after her grounding outside the port of Karachi.


The Operations Reference List provides information on salvage operations undertaken by TSAVLIRIS during the last few years. Select a year and find a short description of each salvage operation accompanied by a picture, where available.


Towage Services

 TSAVLIRIS is traditionally an emergency response contractor but has also executed a number of important towage and offshore contracts, including specialised services to the oil and gas industries in the North Sea.


The Group's identical pair of the largest tugs in the world, "FOTIY KRYLOV" and "NIKOLAY CHIKER", gave them a competitive advantage for handling difficult and challenging towages.


TSAVLIRIS has successfully performed a series of sophisticated deep-sea towages. Highly demanding projects include the 5,500-mile towage of the semi-submersible drilling rig "ATWOOD EAGLE" in Angola in 2003. Other examples include the towage of the drilling rig "EIRIK RAUDE" in North America in 2002, which was carried out by "FOTIY KRYLOV" and "NIKOLAY CHIKER". This was followed by "NIKOLAY CHIKER" marathon towage of the Soviet-built aircraft carrier "VARYAG" from the Aegean Sea to China in 2002.

The Operations Reference List provides information on deep-sea towages performed by TSAVLIRIS during the last few years. Select a year and find a short description of each deep-sea towage accompanied by a picture, where available.