Salvage & Towage Services - Operations Reference List 2013

  • Passenger Cruise "OCEAN COUNTESS"

    On Saturday 30th November 2013, Passenger Cruise "OCEAN COUNTESS" (16,800 GRT, 3062 DWT) sustained an on board fire while safely moored adjacent to motor tanker "HAMILTON" at Chalkis Shipyard. Tug "ALEXANDER 3" and anti-pollution vessel "AEGIS" mobilized from Piraeus to her assistance.


    The following day Tsavliris salvage team, T/B "ALEXANDER 3" and "AEGIS" arrived at casualty's position and began combating the fire with "AEGIS" deploying oil booms at the starboard side of the casualty. Local tug "EVRIPOS III" also deployed to provide support services.


    The fire was completely extinguished on Saturday 7th December. Tug "ALEXANDER 3" was released on Monday 9th December and anti-pollution vessels "AEGIS" and tug "EVRIPOS III" provided standby services.


    On the 17th December bunker/lubricant removal was completed and "AEGIS" cast off from "OCEAN COUNTESS", proceeded to "OCEAN MAJESTY" and transferred the fuel. Upon completing the pumping out of water accumulated due to fire-fighting, the starboard list was corrected and with the vessel safely moored, services were terminated on the 18th December.

  • Bulk Carrier "ACHILLEAS"

    Bulk Carrier "ACHILLEAS"

    On 2nd November 2013, bulk carrier "ACHILLEAS" (22,953 GRT, 35,458 DWT), laden with 26,250MT of Argentine extracted hipro soya bean meal in bulk, was disabled following engine room fire about 350 nautical miles SSW of Las Palmas. The incident occurred whilst the vessel was en route from port San Lorenzo (Argentina) to port Lattakia (Syria).


    AHT "FAIRMOUNT ALPINE" (16000BHP, 200TBP) was dispatched from Cadiz to render assistance. The M/T "MARIOS" (5000DWT) was contracted to provide stand by services to "ACHILLEAS" until the arrival of "FAIRMOUNT ALPINE".


    On the 6th November, "FAIRMOUNT ALPINE" arrived at the casualty's position and commenced towards Europa Point. Once convoy arrived off Ceuta, tow was handed over to S/T "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" (6200BHP, 73TBP) and sailed towards Lattakia.


    During the towage from Ceuta towards East Mediterranean convoy experienced extreme weather conditions north of the Algerian Coast resulting in the breaking of the chafing chain and subsequent loss of towline.


    The "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" remained standing by and circumstances determined the T/B "FALISCA" (8000BHP-105BP) be contracted. Drifting of the casualty continued towards Galite Island, Tunisia, and was about 1 nautical mile away when ship's master was instructed to prepare both anchors to avoid possible grounding. Casualty anchored and drift halted about 800 metres from rocky coast.


    Attempts to connect towline by "FALISCA" failed due to adverse weather conditions. For safety reasons the AHTS "VOS THALASSA" (abt 6000 BHP, 65TBP) was contracted. . The delayed arrival of "VOS THALASSA" occurred on 25th November following which the conditions improved significantly allowing for her towline to be connected. The T/B "FALISCA" was released and towage by "VOS THALASSA" commenced with "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" escorting the convoy.


    On the 3rd December, the convoy arrived off South Peloponnese. Provisions were delivered to "ACHILLEAS" by S/T "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" and tow was handed over to her after bunkering.


    The convoy arrived at Lattakia on the 15th December and on the same day the "ACHILLEAS" was berthed.


    On 23rd December, cargo discharging was successfully completed and towage commenced towards Cyprus. Salvage services were successfully terminated on the 31st December 2013 at Limassol.

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  • Bulk Carrier “AGHIA MARINA”

    Bulk Carrier “AGHIA MARINA”

    On Thursday 31st October we dispatched salvage tug "ASTERIX" from Aarhus, to the assistance of bulk carrier "AGHIA MARINA" (17,428 GRT, 28,522 DWT), in ballast, immobilized due to engine problems South East of Skagen, Denmark.


    Salvage tug "ASTERIX" arrived at the casualty's position in the early hours of the 1st November, connected towline and proceeded towards Wismar. Tug "HUNTER" was dispatched on the 1st November to provide steering services for the narrows in the Great Belt. A rendez-vous point between the two tug masters was agreed north of Sjaellands Odde.


    Convoy arrived at the Outer Roads Anchorage Wismar on the 2nd November. On the 3rd November, casualty proceeded, with the assistance of pilot and 3 port tugs, to berth No.7 Wismar port. Casualty safely redelivered to her owners same day.

  • General Cargo Vessel "SILA"

    On Tuesday 15th October 2013, we dispatched tug "AL WAFI" from her Muscat anchorage, to the assistance of general cargo vessel "SILA" (5,688 GRT, 7,608 DWT), laden with about 6,200 MT of Indian Soybean Meal Hipro in bulk, disabled and drifting off Salalah.


    Tug "AL WAFI" arrived at the casualty's position on Saturday 19th October, connected towline and towed casualty to Duqm port, Oman.


    Convoy safely arrived on Wednesday 23rd October at Duqm outer anchorage, where the vessel was delivered to port tugs arranged by Contractors. The same day vessel was redelivered to her owners at Duqm shipyard berth, Oman.

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  • General Cargo Vessel "HAGEN"

    On Tuesday 17th September, we dispatched salvage tug "URANUS", from Las Palmas, to the assistance of general cargo vessel "HAGEN" (11,927 GRT, 16,825 DWT), laden with about 14,500 MT of Peruvian steam dried fishmeal in bulk, immobilized due to machinery problems about 700 nautical miles Southwest of Azores Island.


    Salvage tug "URANUS" arrived at the casualty's location in the evening of the 21st September in adverse weather conditions. At daybreak of the 22nd September towline was connected and commenced towage.


    Convoy arrived safely off Cascais on the 30th September where the "URANUS" delivered the vessel to two port tugs contracted by us. The "HAGEN" was safely towed to Lisbon and the same day berthed at TPR Terminal.

  • LPG Tanker “GAS TEXIANA”

    On Tuesday 13th August, we dispatched AHTS "MAHAWEWA" from OPL Colombo, Sri Lanka, to the assistance of LPG Tanker "GAS TEXIANA" (4,695 GRT, 5,174 DWT), immobilized approximately 230 miles East of Hambantota, Sri Lanka.


    AHTS "MAHAWEWA" arrived at the casualty's position on Thursday 15th August, connected towline and commenced towage towards Hambantota, Sri Lanka.


    Convoy safely arrived at OPL Hambantota on Saturday 17th August and was safely berthed with the assistance of two port tugs on Sunday 18th August.

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  • Motor Yacht "LEVERAGE"

    Motor Yacht "LEVERAGE"
  • Bulk Carrier "CARMEN SILVA"

    On Thursday 8th August we dispatched salvage tug "UNICORN" to the assistance of bulk carrier "CARMEN SILVA" (16,145 GRT, 25,739 DWT), laden with about 23,300 tons of steel/general products, disabled due to main engine problems about 150 miles South East of Sur, Oman.


    Salvage tug "UNICORN" arrived at the casualty's position on Sunday 11th August. Despite adverse weather conditions, towline connected and towage commenced towards Fujairah. However, our appointed agents advised that the casualty would not be allowed entry into Fujairah port due to ships congestion and also to Dubai roads due to port regulations. The alternative port for repairs was Muscat, Oman.


    Once weather conditions improved, salvage tug "UNICORN" went alongside the casualty and provided fuel, fresh water, stores and provisions.


    Our agent managed to obtain approval from Muscat harbour master enabling the vessel to carry out all the necessary repairs at the anchorage. Towage therefore continued towards Muscat anchorage.


    On the 17th August, convoy arrived at position, about 100 miles off Muscat port, awaiting written approval from the harbour master to proceed into Oman territorial waters.


    On the morning of the 18th August the second mobilized tug, "AL TOWFAN", arrived at convoy's position to assist in steering the convoy for the approach to Muscat traffic zone.


    Written approval from the harbour master was received on Monday 19th August whereupon the convoy proceeded to Muscat anchorage on Tuesday 20th August.


    Casualty dropped anchor at Sultan Qabous inner anchorage and tug "AL TOWFAN" went alongside for standby services during casualty's repairs. Salvage tug "UNICORN" was demobilized.


    After successful repairs/sea trials, the two month service terminated on Sunday 6th October.

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  • Bulk Carrier "KATHERINE"

    On Thursday 4th July we dispatched our salvage tug "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" from her Piraeus salvage station, to the assistance of bulk carrier "KATHERINE" (17,255 GT, 28,711 DWT), laden with 26,400 MT of hot briquetted iron, following collision with bulk carrier "BARU SATU" (9,978 GT, 16,190 DWT), in the Kafirea Strait, Aegean Sea.


    As a result of the accident, the M/V "KATHERINE" was rammed by the bulbous bow of the M/V "BARU SATU" penetrating her cargo hold no.5, (which flooded) locking the two vessels together. The M/V "BARU SATU" sustained severe bow damage, including, flooding of fore peak tank and cargo hold no.1.


    Tsavliris also dispatched salvage tug "ALEXANDER 5", anti-pollution vessel "AEGIS I" and tug "AGIOS NEKTARIOS" immediately to the casualty's position.


    Priority was given to stabilizing both vessels. As an anti-pollution contingency measure, oil-booms were deployed around the casualty and all necessary antipollution equipment (oil spill dispersant chemicals, additional oil booms) were on hand. Fortunately no fuel tanks were breached.


    On Friday 5th July a full vessels inspections and diving surveys were undertaken to assess the damages and devise salvage plans. Detailed trim, stability and strength calculations were undertaken to verify buoyancy. Drafts around the vessels were taken, also soundings in all ballast tanks and cargo holds, etc.


    Adverse weather conditions (strong northerly winds) prevailed throughout and it was decided to tow both vessels, while locked into each other, East of Kea Island for shelter. Both vessels, "as a unit", were towed by salvage tugs "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" and "ALEXANDER 5" with the other tugs escorting.


    On Saturday 6th July the salvage team, in cooperation with the salvors of M/V "BARU SATU", commenced attempts to separate the two casualties but without success.


    The separation plan required cutting away deformed plates from the M/V "KATHERINE" in order to separate the two vessels. Following completion of the works, the two casualties were separated on Sunday 7th July.


    With salvage tug "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" towing, with tug "ALEXANDER 5" escorting/assisting and "AEGIS I" escorting, the M/V "KATHERINE" was taken to place of refuge Thoriko Bay (Attika), north of port Lavrio, following approval by the Greek Authorities.


    Casualty was at anchor in Thoriko Bay, with a buoy anchoring system in place at the aft of the casualty to keep her in position, with both salvage tugs "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" and "ALEXANDER 5" alongside on standby at all times, whilst "AEGIS I" was on standby in an antipollution role. Two barges (800 tonnes and 1,500 tonnes respectively) and one floating crane barge (150 tonnes) in combi with tugs were dispatched to the casualty's position for cargo discharging.


    The condition of the casualty was: cargo hold number 5 breached and flooded as a result of the collision. Water had entered cargo holds numbers 2 and 3, through the bilge line system. The cargo, briquetted iron, reacts with sea water, and the reaction produces high temperatures and the explosive gas hyrdrogen, therefore it was imperative to closely monitor the situation. A marine chemist was on board to continuously check the temperatures of the cargo.


    The cargo discharging operation commenced on Tuesday 9th July. On the same day, smoke was discovered over cargo hold number 3, with the cargo heating up to 62 degrees C and there was fear this would increase, therefore, salvage team closely supervised the situation. Fuel de-bunkering to the "AEGIS I" also commenced and oil booms were deployed around the stern of the casualty.


    On Wednesday 10th July the casualty and all vessels involved in salvage operation were relocated to another position in the bay, allowing a safer distance from the rocky beach. Cargo discharging continued. 16,000 m2 of land was rented in Lavrio port to store the cargo in separate heaps, depending on condition. A security company was appointed to secure the cargo at the port. The "shuttling" of the discharged cargo from Thoriko Bay to Lavrio port lasted one month.


    On the 28th July NKK Class granted approval for towage to Syros Island. Cargo operations were completed on the 31st July and the MV "KATHERINE" was prepared for towage to Syros, but was denied outward clearance due to adverse weather and Greek regulations.


    On Saturday 10th August, the MV "KATHERINE" was granted outward clearance. Salvage tug "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" connected towline and commenced towage to Syros, with salvage tug "ALEXANDER 3" assisting, to Syros Island roads.  On Sunday 11th August convoy moored alongside a quay at Neorion Shipyards at Syros and salvage tugs "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" and "ALEXANDER 3" were demobilized.


    Cargo of about 25,625 MT was stored at Lavrio commercial port and cargo of about 800 MT was stored at Neorion shipyard, Syros, under the attendance/custody of salvors. Cargo from hold No.5, due to contamination by sea water, required special attention by a marine chemist at both places. On 21st August a joint survey and sampling of cargo at Lavrio (and Syros respectively) was carried out in order to verify the condition of sound cargo and cargo ex no. 5 hold contaminated by sea water.


    On Thursday 15th August, vessel was redelivered to owners at Syros and on Monday 2nd September cargo at Lavrio port and at Syros was redelivered. Understand intention cargo be reloaded and on-carried to destination by MV "KATHERINE" after repairs to vessel.


    The two month salvage operation has been successfully completed.

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  • General Cargo Vessel “OCEAN GLORY”

    On the 9th June we dispatched motor tug "MONTENOVO" to the assistance of general cargo vessel "OCEAN GLORY" (4,123 GRT, 6,027 DWT), laden with about 4,500 MT of Ivory Coast wheatbran pellets in bulk, immobilized due to the loss of her rudder about 250 nautical miles south of Las Palmas.  Vessel was on passage from Abidjan (Ivory Coast) to Nador (Med Morocco).


    The 'MONTENOVO' proceeded to Las Palmas for refueling where she arrived on the 13th June and upon completion of replenishment she sailed on the same day towards casualty's position where she arrived on the 14th June.


    Casualty was supplied with MGO and fresh water, towing connection was established and on the same day convoy sailed towards Nador, via Las Palmas, for replenishment of bunkers and fresh water.


    On the 18th June convoy arrived at Las Palmas and upon completion of replenishment on the same day sailed from Las Palmas to Nador.


    During the towage from Las Palmas to Nador, convoy experienced adverse weather conditions up to 9 Beaufort.


    On the 2nd July the convoy safely arrived off Nador and commenced drifting.


    Due to shortage of provisions, both tug and vessel were supplied with provisions at Nador anchorage.


    On the 13th July, official permission was granted by the Harbour Master and the vessel was towed to Nador by 'MONTENOVO', assisted by two port tugs, and berthed at discharging berth.


    Discharging operation commenced on the 3rd August and was completed on the 16th August.


    Various legal procedures were initiated by cargo interests and salvors which were resolved by issuing guarantees.


    Vessel sailed on the 30th August under tow to Chalkis by 'MONTENOVO'. During the towage the tow was handed over to salvage tug 'MEGAS ALEXANDROS' off Algerian Coast on the 3rd September to continue the towage to Chalkis shipyard for the installation of the new rudder, whilst the 'MONTENOVO' was demobilized to Setubal.


    Casualty safely arrived at Chalkis on the 10th September and salvage tug "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" was demobilized to salvage station.


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  • Motor Bulk Carrier "NAVIOS MAGELLAN"

    On Thursday 23rd May we dispatched salvage tug "TRABAJADOR 1", from Subic Bay, Philippines, to the assistance of Motor Bulk Carrier "NAVIOS MAGELLAN" (39,052 GRT, 74,333 DWT), in ballast, immobilized due to engine problems in the Sulu Sea.


    Salvage tug "TRABAJADOR 1" arrived at the casualty's position on Saturday 25th May, connected the towline and commenced towage to Singapore.


    Convoy arrived safely at Singapore, off East OPL on the 2nd June. With the assistance of 4 port tugs (tow masters and pilot), casualty was towed to Sembawang Shipyard, where safely redelivered to her owners the same day.

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  • Geared Bulk Carrier “RIO GOLD”

    Geared Bulk Carrier “RIO GOLD”

    On Sunday 5th May 2013, we dispatched our salvage tug "TSAVLIRIS UNITY", from her Galle (Sri Lanka) salvage station, to the assistance of geared bulk carrier "RIO GOLD" (23,663 GRT, 39,695 DWT), laden with 35,200 MT of cement clinker, grounded on hard rock off South East Preparis Island, Myanmar.


    A local naval vessel was dispatched by the authorities to casualty's position to monitor the situation. Tsavliris salvage master arrived on site on Tuesday 7th May and immediately attended meetings with Myanmar Port Authority, SAD (Shipping Agency Department – Government Agency), DMA (Department of Marine Administration) and the Navy, to obtain necessary salvage permits.


    On Thursday 9th May, we mobilized AHTS "CONFIDENCE" from Penang for casualty bunkers removal and general services.


    On Saturday 11th May, salvage tug "TSAVLIRIS UNITY" arrived alongside in Yangon for permits, stores and embarkation of salvage team.


    On Monday 13th May, salvage tug "TSAVLIRIS UNITY" proceeded to casualty's position and connected up. Following connection a refloating attempt was made and was successful with no pollution. "TSAVLIRIS UNITY" went alongside portside of the "RIO GOLD" to provide stand by services and support services. An underwater inspection was performed to ascertain damage. It was found that the casualty had sustained propeller, rudder and extensive hull damage.


    AHTS "CONFIDENCE" arrived on Friday 17th May and connected towline to the "RIO GOLD", commencing towage to Lumut, Malaysia.


    "TSAVLIRIS UNITY" proceeded to Yangon Port for outward clearance and documentation – arriving on Sunday 19th May.


    On Monday 20th May, "TSAVLIRIS UNITY" proceeded to rendezvous position with the convoy and took over the towage of the "RIO GOLD" to Lumut Port, with AHTS "CONFIDENCE" escorting.


    Convoy arrived safely and anchored off Lumut port limits on Monday 27th May. Both tugs - the "TSAVLIRIS UNITY" and the "CONFIDENCE" - stood by alongside the casualty awaiting instructions. On Tuesday 28th May, the casualty was shifted with the assistance of port tugs to Lumut outer anchorage. Free pratique was granted for all vessels. The "TSAVLIRIS UNITY" went alongside with the towline connected, whilst the "CONFIDENCE" anchored nearby the casualty.


    For the majority of the month of June underwater repairs such as patching and welding of cracks in the fore peak were performed. It was decided on the 5th June that tug "CONFIDENCE" could be demobilized and she was released back to Penang. Fresh water and supplies were delivered to the "RIO GOLD" and to "TSAVLIRIS UNITY" throughout this time. Salvors were not allowed to demobilize by orders of the Port Authorities.


    On the 14th June plans were prepared for the voyage of the convoy from Lumut – stores, fuel and lub was ordered for the journey. Following all temporary repairs and preparations the convoy, "TSAVLIRIS UNITY" towing "RIO GOLD", departed on the 29th June to off Horsburgh Light House.


    Steering tug "PW IOTA" connected to the casualty on the 30th June. Convoy safely arrived on the 3rd July where "RIO GOLD" dropped anchor about 19 nautical miles East of Horsburgh Light House. Tug "PW IOTA" was released whilst salvage tug "TSAVLIRIS UNITY" went alongside the casualty.


     Salvage tug "TSAVLIRIS UNITY" is currently providing stand by services to the "RIO GOLD".

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  • Oil / Chemical Tanker "VARKAN MARMARA"

    On Saturday 30th March our salvage tug "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" proceeded to the assistance of oil/chemical tanker "VARKAN MARMARA" (GRT 3,478 / DWT 4,865), laden with about 3,500 MT of FAME(BIO DIESEL PRODUCT), disabled off the North African Coast.


    Towage connection effected on Tuesday 2nd April in adverse weather conditions.


    Convoy safely arrived Augusta on Friday 5th April and anchored at inner anchorage.

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  • Oil Products Tanker "MAKO"

    Oil Products Tanker "MAKO"

    On Thursday 14th February, we dispatched salvage tug "KAMARINA", from her Singapore salvage station, to the assistance of oil products tanker "MAKO" (GT 60,504, DWT 104,000), laden with about 89,000 M/T Murban crude oil, experiencing technical problems and steaming at reduced speed, about 115 nautical miles south of Sunda Straits, Indian Ocean. The casualty required tug assistance/support prior to entering the Sunda Strait.


    Motor tug "SWISSCO SUPREME" was also fixed and set sail from Singapore on Monday 18th February to assist in the escort, steering or towage of "MAKO".


    "KAMARINA" arrived at rendezvous point on the 18th February and awaited the arrival of the second tug, "SWISSCO SUPREME", in order to proceed to the casualty's position.


    Following instructions from "MAKO", the "KAMARINA" proceeded to the casualty's position on the 21st February and arrived the same day. Attempts were made to connect the towline, however bad weather conditions did not allow for this. On the 22nd February, tug "SWISSCO SUPREME" arrived and attempted to connect the towline at the stern of the casualty. Once again due to bad weather it was difficult to connect the towline and once connected the towline parted.


    Due to improved weather conditions towlines were connected on the 25th February, i.e. "KAMARINA" connected to the bow and "SWISSCO SUPREME" connected to the stern. Convoy commenced towage to Jakarta where safely arrived on 27th February. Both tugs were released the following day - 28th February.

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  • Bulk Carrier “RBD ITALIA”

    On Wednesday 30th January,  Bulk Carrier "RBD ITALIA" (47,984 GRT – 87,334 DWT), laden with  43.380,86 M/T of grain, grounded at KM 452, Rio Parana, in the vicinity of San Lorenzo. Tsavliris salvage master boarded casualty on the same day. Refloating attempts, by using ship's engine and rudder commenced but with no success.


    On the 31st January we contracted tugs "ONA DON LORENZO" and "LUCIANO B" which promptly mobilized from La Plata and Buenos Aires respectively, to the assistance of the casualty.


    On the 1st February tugs arrived on scene and attempts to refloat the vessel were immediately undertaken. Local company "OSRO" was engaged to provide anti-pollution services. On the same day vessel was successfully refloated and  anchored at San Lorenzo roads.


    Both tugs remained alongside providing standby services.


    On the 2nd February, mandatory post grounding inspection by the Coastguard and diving inspection on behalf of Class, were performed.  Certificate of Safe Delivery was signed and following clearance by the Authorities the vessel sailed same day.


    The two tugs demobilized towards Buenos Aires providing shadow escort.

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