Salvage & Towage Services - Operations Reference List 2012

  • Product Tanker "LIQUID SILVER"

    On the 14th October Tsavliris Salvage Group was contracted to render services to Product Tanker "LIQUID SILVER" (GRT 5,594, DWT 13,863), laden with over 13,000 MT of Thailand cane molasses in bulk, disabled about 150 nautical miles off Shanghai, due to main engine failure.


    On the 14th October S/T "MEIJI MARU" (4,400bhp, 50tbp) was fixed from Kagoshima, south Japan. However, departure was not possible due to adverse weather from the typhoon "PAPIROON".


    Under the circumstances the S/T "NEW DAE RYUK" (6,000bhp, 75tbp) was fixed from Pyeongtaek, South Korea, and dispatched to casualty's position on the 16th October. However, due to adverse weather conditions at the west coast of South Korea, the tug proceeded for shelter at Kunsan around noon on the same day.


    The "MEIJI MARU" sailed from Kagoshima on the 17th October but due to adverse weather conditions she proceeded to the west coast of South Japan for shelter.


    Both tugs resumed their voyage on the 18th October and proceeded to the casualty at about 10knots. The weather at casualty's position improved significantly.


    The "MEIJI MARU" was released on the 19th October, whilst the "NEW DAE RYUK" continued toward the casualty's position.


    The "NEW DAE RYUK" arrived at the casualty's location on the 20th October. Upon arrival the casualty was supplied with fresh water, the tow line was connected and towage proceeded towards Kunsan, South Korea.


    The convoy safely arrived at Kunsan anchorage on the 25th October 2012 and "LIQUID SILVER" dropped her anchor with "NEW DAE RYUK" nearby providing standby services. Fresh water was supplied to the vessel.


    On the 26th October "LIQUID SILVER", with the assistance of port tugs and pilots, berthed along at Kunsan Port. The same day the vessel was redelivered to her owners.

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  • General Cargo Vessel “EVERTON”

    On Wednesday 26th September 2012, the General Cargo Vessel "EVERTON" of GT 6,714 and DWT 8,874, fully laden with containers, was immobilized (with blackout) due to fire in the engine room and in the accommodation in the Mozambique Channel, approximately 180 nautical miles east of Beira. The same day LOF (2011) with SCOPIC invoked was signed between owners/managers of the "EVERTON" and Tsavliris Salvage (International) Ltd.


    On the 27th the Guard Utility Vessel "FLEUR DU CAP" was chartered and proceeded to casualty's position to render standby safety services until the arrival of a suitable tug. On the 28th the nearest available tug "TERAS HYDRA" was chartered from Durban and sailed towards the casualty.


    Due to prevailing winds, swell and strong currents in the Mozambique Channel, casualty was drifting in a southerly direction at about 3 knots.


    On the 29th September the "FLEUR DU CAP" arrived at the casualty's position whilst a salvage team of six persons (which had been flown in) left Beira by the contracted Fishing Vessel "VEGAS 12".

    The salvage team arrived and boarded the "EVERTON" on the 1st October, the vessel was supplied with water and provisions for her crew, and the salvage team immediately went about reinstating the e-power.


    The salvage team continued to improve the sustainability of the e-systems on board the "EVERTON", the emergency generator was successfully started up providing lights on the starboard side, and navigation lights were reinstated, etc. Due to the bad weather salvage tug "TERAS HYDRA" did not arrive until the 4th October 2012, and came alongside to provide water and food supplies. Afterwards "TERAS HYDRA" connected the tow line to the "EVERTON" and the convoy proceeded towards Beira.


    The convoy arrived at Beira outer anchorage on the 7th October 2012 where "EVERTON" dropped anchor and "TERAS HYDRA" anchored at a close distance awaiting authorization for port entry.


    Due to the port congestion at Beira and no available slot in the congested terminal, the decision was made for "EVERTON" to be towed to Durban with a skeleton salvage team onboard the "TERAS HYDRA".


    Following preparations to the "EVERTON", the "TERAS HYDRA" connected to the casualty and began towage to Durban on the 14th October. Prior to arrival at Durban roads the towing chain parted and the casualty was reconnected by the emergency tow line.


    Convoy arrived at Durban roads on the 20th October, however attempts to enter port were abandoned due currents and swell; therefore "EVERTON" dropped anchor with "TERAS HYDRA" alongside.


    On the 25th October "EVERTON" safely moored at Dormac berth and was provided with shore power and access to firefighting water.


    After over one month of salvage services "EVERTON" was safely redelivered to her owners on Monday 29th October 2012.

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  • Bulk Carrier "DELOS RANGER"

    On Wednesday 19th September 2012 we dispatched our salvage tug "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" from her Piraeus salvage station for the towage of bulk carrier "DELOS RANGER" (31,130 GRT, 54,051 DWT), laden with 36,900 M/T (grain), disabled due to stern tube problem from Suez Gulf, Egypt to Aqaba, Jordan.


    On Saturday 22nd September, salvage tug "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" arrived alongside "DELOS RANGER" and connected up. On same day convoy departed Suez anchorage and proceeded to Aqaba. The convoy encountered bad weather and strong currents during the towage. Convoy safely arrived on Wednesday 26th September 2012.


    "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" provided standby services to the "DELOS RANGER" until the 8th October 2012 and demobilized to Piraeus.

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  • Bulk Carrier "SEA ORCHID"
  • Bulk Carrier "BET PRINCE"

    On Wednesday 1st August, we dispatched salvage tug "DONG HAI JIU 111" to the assistance of bulk carrier "BET PRINCE" (GT 82,830, DWT 163,554), laden with iron ore, disabled about 100 nautical miles south east of Zhoushan due to technical problems.


    "DONG HAI JIU 111" arrived at the casualty's position in the early hours of the 2nd August, but due to adverse weather conditions (typhoon "SAOLA") the towline could not be established until 8am and thence towage commenced towards Zhoushan. Under the continuing severe weather conditions the convoy arrived off Xiazhimen anchorage (Zhoushan) on the 3rd August. Due to the risky circumstances we mobilized salvage tug "DONG HAI JIU 116" to assist with the controlling of the tow prior to proceeding to anchorage.


    On the 4th August "BET PRINCE" was brought to the east of Putuoshan Island and anchored by the two tugs. "DONG HAI JIU 116" was released and returned to her station, whilst the "DONG HAI JIU 111" and locally contracted tug 'FENGHE 8006' remained nearby the "BET PRINCE" providing standby services and transferring technicians to try to restore the vessels power.


    By Monday 6th August, the threat of another typhoon, "HAIKUI", hindered salvage operations further and the crew's safety became an issue. On Tuesday 7th August, tug "FENGHE 8006" was directed by authorities to shelter, whilst "DONG HAI JIU 111" remained on standby. Preparations began to ensure maximum safety for the passing of forthcoming typhoon "HAIKUI" and Tsavliris salvage master explored the area by helicopter.


    Due to the weather, the "BET PRINCE" dragged her anchor, so her second anchor was dropped, but in spite of this, dragging continued – there was a risk of her grounding as she was heading towards the rocky shoreline. "DONG HAI JIU 111" was instructed to attempt an emergency tow line connection; however this was too dangerous, therefore she stayed near the casualty to monitor the situation continuously.


    After the typhoon "HAIKUI" passed, the "FENGHE 8006" proceeded to the casualty's site and resumed her standby duties. On the 9th August the "DONG HAI JIU 111" connected the towline to the casualty and electricity was restored on the "BET PRINCE" – two injured crew members of the casualty were transferred ashore for medical attention, while repairs continued on the "BET PRINCE". The typhoon caused significant damage to the casualty's accommodation and deck.


    Whilst works continued on the casualty the two salvage tugs also protected the vessel from local traffic as the "BET PRINCE's" condition/location posed/ created a risk of collision with other vessels. The "BET PRINCE's" anchors and anchor chains had become entangled due to the severe weather and a floating crane was brought in to untangle them under the instruction of our salvage master. The casualty was towed from a depth line of 20 metres to deeper water to avoid any further damage. Provisions and marine gas oil were supplied to the casualty, as well as a portable air compressor and a diesel driven generator to provide electricity.


    On the Tuesday 21st August there was a threat of two further typhoons, "TEMBIN" and "BOLAVEN". Time was of the essence as the typhoon "BOLAVEN" was headed directly for the casualty's position and approval from authorities to enter the port was being denied. Preparations were made for the "BET PRINCE" to be towed to North anchorage to shelter her from the typhoon, in the event port approval not be granted. The crew's safety and the environment were of paramount importance.


    The casualty was finally granted entry to Zhoushan port on the 24th August and was towed by port tugs and pilots to Terminal 5 on the 25th August for shelter due to the incoming typhoons "BOLAVEN" and "TEMBIN". Standby services were provided at berth No. 5 by port tugs, salvage tugs and pilots until the typhoons had passed.


    Casualty was safely redelivered to her owners on the Thursday 30th August.

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  • General Cargo Vessel “FARUK KAAN”

    On Friday 13th July, 2012, we dispatched our salvage tug "TSAVLIRIS HELLAS", from her Ponta Delgada salvage station, to the assistance of the general cargo vessel "FARUK KAAN" (GT 7,738, DWT 9,370), laden with about 7,300 M/T of steel products, disabled about 700 nautical miles northwest of Cape Verde Islands.


    Convoy arrived safely at Mindelo outer anchorage under tow on the 25th July, 2012.


    On the 29th July the vessel was shifted to Mindelo inner anchorage and was redelivered to her owners.

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  • Motor Vessel "VERA"
  • Sailing Yacht "HARVEST 3"
  • General Cargo Vessel "ZEALAND BEATRIX"

    On Thursday 3rd May, 2012, we dispatched our salvage tug "TSAVLIRIS HELLAS", from her Ponta Delgada salvage station, to the assistance of General Cargo Vessel "ZEALAND BEATRIX" (GT 9,514, DWT 13,089) laden with about 12,000MT bulk calcium ammonium nitrate, disabled about 250 miles NE of Ponta Delgada.


    Convoy arrived safely at Ponta Delgada on the 6th May, 2012.

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  • Motor Vessel "REINA CHRISTINA"

    On Wednesday 25th April, 2012, we dispatched S/T "VB ARTICO" from Las Palmas to the assistance of M/V "REINA CHRISTINA" (GT 10,779, DWT 17,825), laden with about 12,600 CBM of logs and sawn timber, which had immobilized due to engine failure approximately 30 n. miles West of Lanzarote, Canary Islands.


    Casualty was towed to Casablanca roads but, due to unavailability of berth for repairs, casualty was towed to off Ceuta, where the tow was handed over to S/T "MEGAS ALEXANDROS", which towed her to Bizerte, Tunisia.


    "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" had been mobilized from Piraeus transporting casualty's heavy machinery spares.


    Convoy safely arrived at Bizerte roads on the 13th May, 2012. Casualty was towed by local port tugs to CMR shipyard where she was redelivered to her owners on the 15th May, 2012.

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  • Bulk Carrier "SAMJOHN LIBERTY"

    Bulk Carrier "SAMJOHN LIBERTY"

    On Monday 2nd April, 2012, TSAVLIRIS dispatched tugs "DOMINGO B" and "ARGENTINO 1" from Buenos Aires and La Plata respectively, to the assistance of Bulk Carrier "SAMJOHN LIBERTY" (38,846 GRT, 74,761 DWT), laden with 47,240 MT of soya bean meal in bulk, which had grounded at about 290km Rio Parana.


    The Coastguard ordered several vessels to remain anchored at Common Zone for as long as the "SAMJOHN LIBERTY" was grounded as she was obstructing the channel.


    On the 2nd April TSAVLIRIS salvage master arrived on the scene of the casualty and the tugs arrived on the 3rd April. Attempts to refloat the vessel were immediately undertaken but with no success. A third and more powerful tug boat, "YAGAN", was dispatched from Buenos Aires on the 4th April, and arrived the next day.


    The casualty was successfully refloated on the 5th April with the assistance of the three tugs and anchored at San Pedro Roads for the mandatory post grounding inspection by the Coastguard. Following clearance by the authorities, the convoy proceeded down river and arrived at Zona Comun. Casualty safely redelivered to her owners on Thursday 5th April, 2012.

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  • Product Tanker "ALFA 1"

    Tsavliris Salvage Group was engaged in salvage operations in respect of product tanker "ALFA 1" (1,648 GRT, 2,519 DWT), laden with about 2,000 MT of fuel, which capsized and sunk at Elefsis Roads on the 5th March. Tsavliris salvage tug "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" was dispatched from her Piraeus salvage station, with a full salvage team, anti-pollution equipment and specialized divers on 6th March. All cargo was removed by using hot tapping. This operation was in cooperation with ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION ENGINEERING SA (EPE).

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  • Chemical Tanker "GERAKI"

    On the 18th February, 2012, we dispatched our station keeping salvage tug "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" from Piraeus for the towage of chemical tanker "GERAKI"(19,081 GT, 35,652 DWT), from Psachna, Evoia, to Piraeus. S/T "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" arrived on the 19th February and went alongside "GERAKI" to connect up and await towing permission to be granted.


     Towing permission granted by authorities on 20th February, S/T "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" commenced towage as leading tug and T/B "KARAPIPERIS 15" connected to the stern as steering tug. Convoy proceeded to Piraeus. With S/T "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" leading the convoy, they arrived safely on 23rd February. T/B "IFESTOS II" made fast to the stern while "KARAPIPERIS 15" escorted. Chemical tanker "GERAKI" safely arrived at Elefsis anchorage and S/T "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" demobilized to her salvage station at Piraeus.

  • Bulk Carrier "ALEX KING"

    On the 9th February, 2012, we dispatched our station keeping salvage tug "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" from Piraeus to the assistance of Bulk Carrier "ALEX KING", following engine failure at position Lat: 37-43.00 N Long: 028-28.00 E, about 5 nautical miles Northeast of Kea Island. On same day S/T "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" arrived at the scene of the casualty and connected the tow line.

     Convoy proceeded to Syros anchorage, arrived safely on the 10th February, 2012. S/T "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" provided standby services alongside casualty, and safely redelivered her to her owners on the 13th February, 2012.

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  • Passenger/Tourist Vessel "DIANA"

    On 12th February, 2012, we dispatched T/B "HERMES" to the assistance of passenger/tourist vessel "DIANA", which was grounded at Drepanon – Rion - Patras. On same day vessel was successfully refloated and safely towed to the northern port of Patras.

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  • Bunkering Tanker "CHEMICAL PROGRESS"

    On Friday 27th January, 2012, we dispatched salvage tug "TECK" from Abidjan, to the assistance of Bunkering Tanker "CHEMICAL PROGRESS" (4,173 GT, 7,606 DWT), drifting about 80 miles South of Abidjan, following main engine damage.


    Casualty was towed safely to Abidjan (Coste D'Ivoire outer anchorage) – arrived on 30th January, 2012.

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  • Bulk Carrier “PEGASUS”

    On Monday 23rd January, 2012, we dispatched salvage tug "HELLAS" to the assistance of Bulk Carrier "PEGASUS" (GRT 17,639, DWT 23,028), in ballast, drifting about 40 nautical miles South East of Falmouth, following main engine damage.


    Casualty was towed safely to Falmouth Roads - arrived on Tuesday 24th January, 2012.