Salvage & Towage Services - Operations Reference List 2008


  • Motor Vessel "DOXA"

    Motor Vessel "DOXA"

    Craned bulk carrier "DOXA" (Cypriot flag, built 1983) caught fire by way of the accommodation block, and was abandoned by her crew in the early morning of 15th December 2008 at Vilagarcia roads, NW Spain. This area is a particularly sensitive environmental area due to all the fisheries. TSAVLIRIS Salvage (International) Ltd. was awarded an LOF contract (Scopic invoked) and the salvage team arrived at the casualty on the same day, one contingent from Greece and one from Holland.


    The fire was extinguished by local firefighting tugs sub contracted to TSAVLIRIS. Salvors began to stabilize the condition of the disabled DOXA. Furthermore, the authorities required that the fuel oils and lubricant oils be removed from the ship to avoid any environmental damage. The hatch covers were closed, the cranes stowed and an oil boom was deployed to avoid the pollution threat.


    The vessel was supported 24hrs a day by a salvage team and standby tugs. Also as support a smaller tug was on location to offer assistance if necessary. The TSAVLIRIS salvage team concentrated its efforts on re-instating the ships power from the ships generators. This included disconnecting numerous electrical short circuits and live circuits from the main switchboard. Furthermore, air and fresh/salt water-system lines were temporarily repaired and disconnected where necessary. Using the ships pumps, the team pumped the bilges by way of the cargo holds and stored the contaminated firefighting water into safe storage onboard the "DOXA". Bilge waters from the engine room were pumped out into Marpol tanks ashore. The team also sealed the destroyed doors, windows and portholes with plywood. The salvors arranged with the authorities that on the basis of the salvage team remaining with the immobilized "DOXA", the fuel and lubricant oils could remain onboard the vessel for a short period of time while she awaited the arrival of the tug to tow her to her port of destination for repairs.


    M/V "DOXA" arrived at Piraeus, Greece under tow in mid-January. 



    Mandated by the "Liberty Foundation", Tsavliris Salvage Group has been involved for over two years in organizing and partly sponsoring the historical towage of "HELLAS LIBERTY", ex "ARTHUR M HUDDELL" to Piraeus, Greece. This monumental project has brought the last of the Liberty ships here to Greece to be refurbished and transformed into a "floating" maritime museum that will be situated in Floisvos Marina.


    The towage of "HELLAS LIBERTY" commenced on the 6th December 2008 (St. Nicholas' Day – the Patron Saint of Sailors) when the vessel departed Norfolk, Virginia under tow by tug "Posejdon", fixed by tug brokers Stewart & Hazell Marine Services (SHMS) on behalf of project partners and charterers Tsavliris Salvage (International) Ltd.


    The towage of "HELLAS LIBERTY" covered a distance of about 5,000 nautical miles, crossing the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, lasting 36 days, arriving in Piraeus in the early hours of the 11th January 2009. The Tsavliris Salvage Tug "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" went out to welcome her arrival. The Liberty vessels had a very profound impact on Greek Shipping and the economy within Greece, Tsavliris are very proud to have been a part of this historic project.

  • Motor Tanker “JAG LOK”

    Motor Tanker “JAG LOK”

    On Friday 21st November 2008, we dispatched salvage tug "TSAVLIRIS HELLAS" to the assistance of the M/T "JAK LOG" (GRT 81,396 MT, DW 158,280 MT) disabled about 700 n.miles SSW of Ponta Delgada.


    Casualty towed to SETUBAL, PORTUGAL.

  • Motor Tanker “ELEOUSA TRIKOUKIOTISA” (2)

    Motor Tanker “ELEOUSA TRIKOUKIOTISA” (2)

    On Friday 28th November 2008, we dispatched salvage tug "ANGLIAN MONARCH" to the assistance of the MT "ELEOUSA TRIKOUKIOTISA" (GRT 2,242 MT, DW 4,509 MT) disabled NE of Dover.


    Casualty towed to Dunkirk roads.

  • Chemical Tanker "KALIA"

    On Monday 20th October 2008, we dispatched T/B "MALIKA" from Dakar, to the assistance of the Cypriot Chemical Tanker "KALIA" (about 6000 DWT) in ballast, disabled about 335 n.miles NNW of Dakar.


    The T/B "MALIKA" towed the casualty to Dakar and delivered her to port tugs. 

  • Bulk Tanker "GO STAR"

    LOF date - 28/09/2008

  • Motor Vessel “CAP SERRAT”

    On the 10th September 2008, we dispatched our salvage tug "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" from her Piraeus salvage station to Alexandria to tow M/V "CAP SERRAT" (GRT 23,897, DWT 30,258), built 1998, in ballast, disabled in the port of Alexandria.

    The "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" towed the casualty to Piraeus for repairs.

  • Catamaran Motor Yacht “DUFTU”

  • Motor Vessel “BELUGA FOUNDATION"

    On July 8th 2008, we dispatched our salvage tug "TSAVLIRIS HELLAS" from her Cape Town salvage station to the assistance of M/V "BELUGA FOUNDATION" (GRT 9611, DWT 12731), built 2006, laden with project cargo, disabled about 200 n.miles NW of Luanda.


    The "TSAVLIRIS HELLAS" towed the casualty to Luanda to discharge part of her cargo and thence to Walvis Bay for discharging balance cargo and repairs.

  • Motor Tanker "AGIA BARBARA"

    On April 21st 2008, we dispatched the salvage tug "TIBA FOLK" to the assistance of the M/T "AGIA BARBARA" (GRT 940 DWT 1600) disabled about 100 n.miles South of Salalah (Oman).


    The "TIBA FOLK" towed the casualty safely to Ajman (UAE) anchorage. 

  • Container Vessel "MSC ZANZIBAR"

    On April 18th 2008, we dispatched the tug "SHAHRAZAD" from Jebel Ali to the assistance of Container Vessel "MSC ZANZIBAR" (GRT 23000 DWT 34000) in ballast condition having sustained rudder damage.


    The T/B "SHAHRAZAD" escorted casualty safely to Bahrain.

  • Bulk Carrier "ATLANTIC PRIDE"

    On Sunday April 6th 2008, we dispatched S/T "BB OCEAN" from her salvage station at Stavanger, Norway to the assistance of Liberian Bulkcarrier M/V "ATLANTIC PRIDE" (GRT 41000/DWT 65000) laden with iron ore concentrate of 55000 M/T, disabled about 100 n.miles northwest of Bergen in Norwegian Sea (and about 30 n.miles west off nearest coast).


    The S/T "BB OCEAN" towed casualty safely in Niewe Mass-Rotterdam and delivered her to port tugs.

  • Motor Tanker "NAVKIOS"

    On March 12th 2008, we despatched tug "EMS" to the assistance of Motor Tanker "NAVKIOS" (GRT 4500, DWT 7200) in ballast, disabled due to rudder damage off Norderney and towed casualty to Wilhelmshaven. 

  • Motor Vessel "SOPHIA"

    During ferocious gale force winds and swells up to 10 meters in height, the general cargo ship "SOPHIA" (with Ro-Ro facility)  GRT 5000, DWT 6200, laden with about 2000 tons of large carbon steel pipes, grounded approximately 10 n.miles off the Algerian port Skikda.


  • Motor Vessel "ASTRA SEA"

    On 30th January we dispatched Salvage Tug "ENGLISHMAN" from Abidjan to the assistance of general cargo vessel "ASTRA SEA" (GRT 9475, DWT 11587), laden with 2000 mt of hot rolled prime steel wire rod in coils, disabled abt 62 n.miles South SW off Takoradi.


    The "ENGLISHMAN" arrived at the scene of the casualty, stood by while casualty carried out repairs and escorted her for a while after she got under way. The "ENGLISHMAN" was subsequently recalled when the casualty resumed her voyage at full speed. 

  • Motor Tanker “VICTORIA”