Salvage & Towage Services - Operations Reference List 2007

  • Panamax Bulker "BARGARA"

    On January 1st we dispatched the S/T "ATLANTIC OAK" from her salvage station at Halifax to the assistance of Panamax Bulker "BARGARA" (GRT 40000 DWT 75000) laden with 63.000 M/T of wheat, disabled about 350 n.miles east of Halifax.


    The S/T "ATLANTIC OAK" towed casualty safely in Halifax inner anchorage.


    On 30th December we dispatched tug "CRAMOND" from Hound Point to off "FIFTH OF FORTH" for the assistance of the combined chemical & oil Tanker "ELEOUSA TRIKOUKIOTISA" (GRT 2500, DWT 4500).


    Tug "CRAMOND" subsequently recalled as casualty rectified problem and resumed voyage.

  • Motor Tanker "FAULTESS"

    On 24th of December the M/T "FAULTLESS" (GRT 80000, DWT 155000) fully laden with crude oil, became disabled due to mechanical problem, about 30 n. miles west of San Juan/Puerto Rico. Local tugs and the S/T "ADVENTURER" were dispatched from San Juan and U.S.A., respectively to her assistance.


    Upon completion of repairs M/T "FAULTLESS" was escorted by S/T "ADVERTURER" up to Mona passage, where services terminated.


    The Bulgarian gearless bulk carrier "DIMITROVSKY KOMSOMOL" (GRT 23444 DWT 38545) laden with 32.177 M/T of Soya bean meals and soya bean pellets grounded in Rio Parana River (KM 407,5) on 21/11/2007.


    The refloating operation undertaken by ourselves lasted about fifteen days, with the deployment of seven tugs, and was achieved without lightening.

  • Product Chemical Tanker "LISA"

    We dispatched Tug "BUGSIER 15" on 20th November to the assistance of 2007 built Cypriot flagged product chemical tanker "LISA" (about GT/DWT 3000/4300), disabled mid Bornholmsgat, Baltic Sea due to gear box damage.


    The tug "BUGSIER 15" towed casualty to Rostock where arrived on 21st November. Services rendered under Lloyd's Open Form.

  • Suezmax Tanker "SCF VALDAI"

    Salvage tugs "MATSAS STAR", "ALEXANDER 5" and "IFESTOS 1" proceeded a.m. 4th November to the assistance of suezmax tanker "SCF VALDAI", laden about 135000 tons crude oil, bound from Novorossiysk (Russia) to Fos (France), disabled in Stenon Keas and requiring urgent tug assistance.


    The three tugs arrived at the scene of the casualty and observed her drifting westerly south westerly dangerously towards rocky shore. "MATSAS STAR" connected to bow as towing tug and "ALEXANDER 5" connected to stern as steering tug. Towage to Piraeus was undertaken with tug "IFESTOS 1" providing escort. Flotilla arrived Piraeus roads a.m. 5th November where casualty anchored, with "ALEXANDER 5" and "IFESTOS 1" remaining alongside in attendance as stand-by tugs. Services rendered by "Vernicos/Matsas/Tsavliris" under Lloyds Open Form.

  • Motor Vessel "ANTREAS"

    The TSAVLIRIS salvage tug "SB-408" proceeded from her Sri Lanka salvage station to the assistance (under LOF) of MV "ANTREAS" (22.000 tons laden with general / project cargo) disabled off the Seychelles . The "SB-408" towed the casualty to Mombassa and remained alongside for one month supplying electricity. The service lasted 2 months basis station to station.

  • Bulk Carrier "NEW FLAME"

    TSAVLIRIS was engaged to salvage (under LOF– Aug. 2007) the craned bulk carrier "NEW FLAME" (46.000 dwt– laden with about 42.000 tons scrap) abandoned/ stranded half sunk off Europa point, Gibraltar following collision. The TSAVLIRIS super salvage tug "FOTIY KRYLOV" and "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" were deployed from the North Sea and Greece respectively.


    An array of tanker barges, local tugs, antipollution equipment, salvage equipment including generators, compressors and underwater magnet also salvage personnel were deployed. In conjunction with the Gibraltar authorities, immediate diving surveys and studies were undertaken, and the removal of the ship's bunkers by pumping into barges was made the priority of the operation.


    Despite adverse weather conditions TSAVLIRIS removed about 1000m3 of fuel lubricants and pollutants. No fuel spilled from the "NEW FLAME" into the sea. The Gibraltar Government congratulated the TSAVLIRIS SALVAGE GROUP for the successful completion of this important part of the salvage operation.


    The next stage was the removal of aft part of the ship. The floating part due to structural degradation suffered by the vessel during the collision and subsequently in storm weather, it was not possible to extract the ship in one piece. The ship would therefore have to be cut into two sections, at a point about one-third of its length, from the bow. It was finally decided to sever the vessel in two using the "cheese wire" method in combination with two chartered in anchor handling tugs which provided stable platforms in order to install the winches, control rooms and power packs. Atrocious weather damaged and sank the casualty further, whereupon the P&I club decided to put out to tender the wreck removal. TSAVLIRIS operations lasted 5 months.

  • Passenger/Cruise Vessel "SEA DIAMOND"

    TSAVLIRIS salvage tug "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" proceeded from her Piraeus station (under LOF- 5th April 2007) to the assistance of cruise ship "SEA DIAMOND" which had become a casualty at Santorini Island, Greece.


    Unfortunately the casualty sank, by the time the salvage tug arrived. TSAVLIRIS is currently studying wreck removal and pollution neutralisation possibilities.

  • Motor Vessel "AKTI"

    Motor Vessel "AKTI"

    On the 16th February TSAVLIRIS signed LOF 2000 with the managers of the M/V "AKTI". The vessel suffered engine problems and was found 12 miles south of Kasos Island (Aegean Sea). She was loaded with granular triple super phosphate in bulk.


    The S/T "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" towed her from the Aegean Sea to Piraeus. Her voyage was successfully terminated on the 19th of February when Certificate of Safe Delivery was signed.

  • Motor Vessel 'GOLDEN SKY'

    TSAVLIRIS was engaged to salvage (under LOF - January 2007) the craned bulk carrier "GOLDEN SKY" (27.000 dwt laden with 25.000 tons of Muriate Potash (mop) in bulk which had grounded on glacial boulders off Ventspils, Latvia in hurricane force winds.


    TSAVLIRIS deployed local tugs, a large number anti-pollution equipment (oil booms, skimmers etc.) and a salvage team (Salvage Masters, Salvage Engineers, riggers and divers).


    The extreme cold weather conditions and all the related contingencies related to sub-zero temperatures made operations extremely difficult. Equipment such as pumps and compressors failed to operate in the extreme cold (below 30C degrees) and icy surface water.


    TSAVLIRIS' priority was to act in preventing the serious possibility of pollution in a sensitive area and in combating the pollution which occured . Salvaging the casualty was considered highly unlikely, with all rival proposals focusing on a wreck removal in the spring. Many other salvage experts submitted that the sub-zero weather conditions would make it impossible to free the ship.


    TSAVLIRIS SALVAGE successfully removed all fuels and lubricants and refloated the bulk carrier "GOLDEN SKY" after restoration of sufficient buoyancy by discharge of about 9.000tonnes of cargo. Helicopters were deployed for transportation of both personnel and equipment. Cargo was transhipped into barges which were towed to Hull, UK to buyers. The vessel refloated "just in the nick of time" before the area was slammed by 60-knot winds that might have caused it to break up.


    The vessel was towed to port of Ventspils (as port of refuge) due to bad weather conditions and berthed alongside. TSAVLIRIS operations lasted four months and "GOLDNE SKY" was safely delivered to her owner.

  • Car Carrier "ROYAL RAY"

    Our salvage tug "LEOPARD" sailed from her salvage station on the 14th May pm to the assistance of the car carrier "ROYAL RAY" 3000Dwt, in ballast. S/T "LEOPARD" arrived at the scene of the casualty on the 14thMay 15:45 UTC towed her to Mindelo / Cape Verde Islands and thence to Las Palmas where arrived on the 22ndMay am.

  • Bulk Carrier "TAHIR KIRAN"

    Bulk Carrier "TAHIR KIRAN"

    Our Salvage Tug "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" sailed from her Piraeus salvage station at pm on the 5th of April 2007 to the assistance of Turkish bulk carrier "TAHIR KIRAN" 37,971 Dwt aground Southerb Coast Chios island Aegean sea.


    Casualty refloated by own means and proceeded on her voyage. "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" recalled.

  • Motor Vehicle Carrier "PCC SEA HANA"

    On the 26th of March TSAVLIRIS salvage tug "SB-408" was fixed off Socotra whilst was en route to Djibouti to assist with towage the "PCC SEA HANA" 12.000 dwt in ballast condition following her sustained engine problem from Colombo to Mormugao. "PCC SEA HANA" towage was completed successfully and was delivered to her owner at a safe port at Murmagao anchorage on the 10th of April a.m.

  • Motor Vessel "KHALED MUHIEDDINE"

    Our salvage tug "LEOPARD" sailed from her Cape Verde Islands salvage station p.m 10th March to the assistance of the bulker "KHALED MUHIEDDINE" 18,000 Dwt, laden with about 17,000 tons sugar in bulk, disabled about 350 miles northwest of Cape Verde Islands.


    Casualty rectified problem and proceeded at 7 knots to Mindello/ CVI, arrived pm 13.3.07 escorted by "LEOPARD" under contract.

  • Motor Vessel "XANADU"

    Motor Vessel "XANADU"

    Our salvage tug "FOTIY KRYLOV" sailed from her salvage station to assist the M/V "XANADU" loaded with 43710 mts iron ore.


    Towage was completed on the 27th March 2007

  • Bulk Carrier "CLIPPER LIS"

    Bulk Carrier "CLIPPER LIS"

    The motor bulk carrier "CLIPPER LIS" whilst on her voyage from Ponta Delgada to Cork faced problems in her main engine. The vessel, after some failed efforts to be towed by the local tugs was assisted by TSAVLIRIS.


    The S/T 'FOTIY KRYLOV" stationed at Azores left Ponta Delgada anchorage and preceeded to the "CLIPPER LIS" on the 16th of February. The towline was connected on the same day and the towage was successfully completed on the next day 17th of February.


    The vessel was safely handed from "FOTIY KRYLOV" to the local harbour tugs in Ponta Delgada in order to place her alongside for the necessary inspections and repairs.

  • Motor Vessel "KAPTAN NEVZAT KACAR"

    On the 5th of February the 24.000 dwt M/V "KAPTAN NEVZAT KACAR" (Turkish flag) loaded with 22000 MT of corn suffered problems in her main engine approximately 300 miles southwest off the Azores. The S/T "FOTIY KRYLOV" immediately sailed from her salvage station in Ponta Delgada to tow the vessel to the port of Ponta Delgada for the necessary repairs.


    TSAVLIRIS successfully completed the towage on the 10th of February.

  • Car Carrier "SEA AHMED"

    Car Carrier "SEA AHMED"

    Another towage operation was the car carrier "SEA AHMED", from West Crete to Piraeus. TSAVLIRIS S/T "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" sailed from her salvage station at Piraeus to assist the M/V "SEA AHMED", 13833Dwt laden with 5000 cars.

  • Motor Vessel "KEVIN"

    Motor Vessel "KEVIN"

    TSAVLIRIS S/T "LEOPARD" sailed from her salvage station at Mindelo, Cape Verde islands to assist the M/V "KEVIN" - laden with bagged cement immobilized 70miles off Praia.


    S/T "LEOPARD" arrived on scene on the 21st of January and towed casualty to Praia.