Salvage & Towage Services - Operations Reference List 2004

  • Bulk Carrier "ATLANTIS CHARM"

    The 22.500 dwt bulk carrier "ATLANTIS CHARM", while on a laden voyage with fertilizers from Estonia and Latvia to Mexico, was immobilized due to main engine failure at approximately 680 miles NW of Cape Verde islands. Engaged under a Lloyd's Open Form contract, TSAVLIRIS immediately dispatched S/T "LEOPARD", which arrived at the casualty site on October 31.


    The vessel was safely delivered to Las Palmas on November 9.

  • Bulk Carrier "NAPOLEON"

    The 43.500 dwt bulk "NAPOLEON", outbound from Houston Channel to Galveston, reported a steering problem and grounded after a collision with one tug and four barges. Tug "JONATHAN THOMAS" with one of the four barges- tank barge "KIRBY 10378" - suffered damages, but no leakage was reported.


    On October 12, TSAVLIRIS signed an LOF agreement with the vessels' owners, and a refloating attempt with the assistance of four subcontracted tugs was in progress. "NAPOLEON" was successfully refloated on the same day and was towed to Bolivar Roads Anchorage for damage inspections. Preliminary underwater survey showed bulbous bow damage; no steering problem was found.


    "NAPOLEON" was then towed and berthed to Galveston Port, where repairs to the bulbous bow as well as to the starboard bow were performed; A rolled plate was fabricated and installed into the cut-out on the bulbous bow. On October 23, repairs were completed and the vessel sailed out to the Galveston outer anchorage for a diving inspection of the hull by the Class surveyor, where no serious damages were found. Salvage services completed successfully with a safe delivery certificate on the same day.

  • Motor Vessel "KEN EXPLORER"

    Engaged under a Lloyd's Open Form contract, TSAVLIRIS has been assisting the handysized bulker "KEN EXPLORER" since mid-August when the vessel grounded in the Gulf of Khambat while on a voyage from Chile to the Indian ports Dahej and Tuticorin. Two salvage tugs, "FAIRPLAY IX" and the TSAVLIRIS operated "SB-408", were mobilized from Colombo to aid the casualty. Initial attempts to refloat the "KEN EXPLORER" proved unsuccessful, as the vessel remained hard aground, with severe damage sustained during the incident, including flooded of the double bottoms on starboard side and centre as well as four flooded cargo holds. By this stage the enormity of the salvage challenge was clear as the casualty site was exposed to the monsoon season and the nature of the cargo posed additional problems to be overcome.


    The vessel was loaded with more than 43,800 tonnes of copper concentrates, a commodity that is liquefiable if its moisture content rises sufficiently and potentially destabilizing to a ship where seawater enters the cargo spaces. Deploying a bunker vessel engaged from the United Arab Emirates, TSAVLIRIS successfully removed all bunkers and oil waters aboard the bulker, including approximately 1,100 tonnes of heavy fuel oil. In addition two lightering vessels were hired, only for them to refuse to participate in the operation on the grounds of high risk from uncharted shallows, bad weather and the persistent threat posed by the cargo, which is capable of turning to slurry and causing a vessel to list sharply.


    In spite of continuing interruptions from bad weather and strong local tides that made it difficult for barges to remain alongside, two further vessels - the 24,000 dwt "PATARA" and the 16,000 dwt "SHENG MU" - were brought in to act as storage vessels, while a tug/barge combination and a self-propelled barge acted as feeder vessels to transfer cargo.


    In addition to the flotilla of equipment assembled for the intensive services to the stricken bulker, a large team of personnel was gathered, including three salvage masters, two salvage engineers, a salvage officer, two salvage divers, 24 crewmen for stevedoring and operation of equipment, and the tug crews. Indicative of the conditions confronted by the team, considerable material damage was suffered during the provision of services.


    Due to the weather and swell conditions, fenders and mooring ropes frequently broke and in one instance the parting of mooring lines resulted in a serious injury to one of the stevedores, requiring an operation on both legs. On account of corrosion from the high acidity content of the mixture of water and cargo more than 20 pumps had to be replaced in the course of the operation. After the removal of 21,000 tonnes of cargo, the casualty was successfully refloated and towed to deep waters where she was anchored for the continuation of the operation. Τhe vessel was then towed to Kadla, where underwater patching was performed and eventually, to Jebel Ali , U.A.E. for the discharging of the rest of the cargo.

  • Bulk Carrier "OLYMPIC GALAXY"

    The bulk carrier "OLYMPIC GALAXY", on the way to delivering a cargo of 61.000 tonnes of wheat from Australia, grounded in Sri Lanka on July 10. TSAVLIRIS tug "SB-408", a sub-contacted tug Mahanuwara and a smaller bunker were mobilized to assist the casualty.


    The vessel was refloated and safely delivered to Triconmalee Roads, after a lightening operation where approximately 4300 tonnes of cargo was removed.

  • Motor Vessel "LUCY BORCHARD"

    The Greek leading Salvor TSAVLIRIS has dispatched S/T "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" from Piraeus on 7th of July to assist the container Ship "LUCY BORCHARD", which ran aground in shallow waters in the sea of Korakia, North West of Chios island. During the incident, the vessel was on a passage from Izmir to Barcelona, loaded with over 200 containers. 11 crew who were on board did not suffer any injuries.


    TSAVLIRIS' owned tug "MEGAS ALEXANDROS", together with "KERVEROS", a chartered tug which sailed from Thessaloniki, arrived on the scene later afternoon on the same day. A preliminary underwater inspection and a refloating attempt were planned for the next day. A divers' report early in the morning revealed that the vessel was sitting on sand mixed with stones, however further inspections were unfeasible due to low visibility. Refloating attempts by both tugs later at noon completed successfully and upon instruction of the port authorities the vessel was towed to the shelter bay of Vollissos,Chios. An additional underwater inspection revealed major damages on the propeller, hull and the rudder.


    The casualty was then safely anchored at Vollissos bay, and from there towed to Piraeus .The salvage operation ended in 20/7/2004.

  • Motor Vessel "CONGER"

    On June 9 TSAVLIRIS was contracted under LOF to provide assistance to another bulker "CONGER", this time on a voyage from Brazil to Rotterdam laden with a soya cargo. The salvors dispatched super-tug "FOTIY KRYLOV" together with a subcontracted salvage unit to the scene, 14 miles northwest of El Ferrol, Spain, where the Conger was immobilized with engine problems. But by the time of arrival, the Spanish authorities had already taken the casualty under tow.

  • Bulk Carrier "ELEFTHERIA"

    The 63,000 dwt bulk carrier "ELEFTHERIA", while on a laden voyage of 57,500 metric tons of soya beans from Brazil to Lisbon, Ancona and Ravenna, sustained damages on the starboard hold No 1 in a position North of Algeria. At the time of the incident, the vessel was partly discharged in Lisbon and was en route to Anconna .


    LOF agreement was signed and TSAVLIRIS' S/T "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" was dispatched from Piraeus laden with patching, diving and pumping equipment and material. The casualty and tug met on the 8th of June in a position between Panteleria and Cape Bon. When the temporary repairs were completed, "ELEFTHERIA" escorted by the tug, arrived in Anconna for discharge on 11th June. When sufficient cargo was discharged to allow satisfactory inspection of the hold, S/T "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" was released and the services were terminated on June 16th.

  • Motor Vessel "LAINE"

    The 18,000 dwt general cargo "LAINE", while on laden passage from Brazil to St. Nicolas, Argentina, with a cargo of 13,000 mt steel billets and steel plates, ran aground at 151,100 km of River Plate on 31st of May. LOF was signed next day, and a local salvage master with two local tugs was dispatched from Buenos Aires to assist. TSAVLIRIS' Senior salvage master Captain G. Polychroniou was also sent out from Piraeus.


    Tugboats arrived on scene early morning hours on 1st of June and scouring commenced. Refloating efforts coupled with scouring for the next 3 days proved fruitless. On June 5th, it was decided that lightering operations were necessary before refloating the vessel. The lightering barge "MAR BRAVO" was brought in and after removing approximately 2,200 mt of cargo from the casualty, "LAINE" was refloated by a pushing and pulling combination on the 7th of June.

  • Motor Vessel "LUCY BORCHARD"

    After the salvage operation commenced on July 7 , TSAVLIRIS then undertook to tow "LUCY BORCHARD" on a commercial basis from Piraeus to Constanza.

  • Motor Tanker "KRITI AMETHYST"

    On 16th of April the 45.000 dwt Motor Tanker "KRITI AMETHYST" , in ballast condition, was immobilized about 250 n. miles NE of French Guiana . The vessel was towed under Lloyd's Open form Agreement by TSAVLIRIS salvage tug "LEOPARD" and safely delivered to Curacao on 1st of May.

  • Motor Vessel "NAFSIKA"

    Motor Vessel "NAFSIKA"

    TSAVLIRIS tug "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" towed the Motor Vessel "NAFSIKA" from Piraeus to Tartous, Syria and then back to Piraeus.

  • Motor Vessel "ORION I"

    Motor Vessel "ORION I"

    On 21st February the 2.250 dwt cargo vessel "ORION I", grounded 1.5 nautical miles from Chioggia port, in Italy. At the time of the incident, she had first loaded 2.238 tons of steel products as well as project cargo from Chioggia to Barcelona and Ponta Delgada in Azores.

    Initially refloating attempts were made without success by using the ship's engines. A Lloyd's Open Form was signed on the same day and TSAVLIRIS dispatched subcontracted tug "IDA C" from Venice to assist the vessel in a refloating attempt during high water at midnight. Attempts met with no success and "IDA C" was released and returned to Venice.

    The next day TSAVLIRIS salvage master George Polychroniou arrived at the casualty's position in order to coordinate operation and investigate the possibility of lightening . Early on February 24th due to bad weather TSAVLIRIS dispatched tug "EMILIO" from Venice in order to secure the casualty. Refloating attempts were performed again without success. As lightening was the only option, a crane barge and a cargo receiving barge were hired for discharging cargo from the deck and forward part of the cargo hold. Two days later and after cargo removal of 400 tons, the casualty was successfully refloated and escorted to Chioggia port.

  • Motor Tanker "GENMAR SPYRIDON"

    "NIKOLAY CHIKER's" sistership, the "FOTIY KRYLOV", left her salvage station in Ponta Delgada on March 18 to assist the immobilized 160,000 dwt suezmax tanker "GENMAR SPYRIDON" in ballast, at a position about 700 nautical miles south-west of the Azores.

    The "FOTIY KRYLOV" safely towed the tanker to Setubal in Portugal where the vessel was berthed in early April, after undergoing a tank inspection

  • Bulk Carrier "ZOITSA S"

    The 27.000 dwt Bulk Carrier "ZOITSA S" while on a laden voyage from Nueva Palmyra, Uruguay to Algeria, with a cargo of 23.000 tons of bulk wheat, grounded at km 232 Parana Guazu River on 17th of February. A Lloyds Open Form was signed on the same day and 2 subcontracted tugs together with TSAVLIRIS salvage master arrived on site early the next morning to assist the casualty.

    The vessel was successfully refloated and proceeded to Zona Comun on 19th of February .

  • Motor Vessel "CSK TRIBUTE"

    The 40,000 hp "NIKOLAY CHIKER" proceeded from her salvage station in Cape Town mid-March to Quissico, Mozambique where the capesize ore carrier Motor Vessel "CSK TRIBUTE", 1400 dwt was at anchorage. The vessel, had lost several frames during a voyage between Brazil and China, allegedly due to collision with a floating object and her no.1 hold was flooded. 

    By arrangement with the owners, the "NIKOLAY CHIKER" stopped at Durban for a day to take on board a repair team and patching material. After arriving alongside and connecting up to the casualty stern, the tug towed the vessel to Nacala.

    The convoy arrived safely at its destination at mid April.

  • Bulk Carrier "MARILIA"

    Bulk Carrier "MARILIA"

    The 35.000 dwt Bulk Carrier "MARILIA" on her passage from Novorossiysk to Port Keylang, Malaysia ,laden with 33,000 tons of fertilizer, was immobilized due to generator failure approximately 700 nm Southeast of Socotra.

    TSAVLIRIS salvage tug "SB-408" sailed from Colombo station to assist the casualty under Lloyd's Open form on February 7th. Bulk Carrier "MARILIA" was towed without incident and delivered successfully to Colombo berth on 20th of February for repairs.