Salvage & Towage Services - Operations Reference List 2002

  • Motor Vessel "NESTOR C"

    Motor Vessel "NESTOR C"

    The "NESTOR C", while on a laden voyage from Klaipeda, Lithuania to Karachi, Pakistan, with a cargo of about 31.000 mt of Diamonium Phosphate onboard, was immobilized due to engine room flooding off Porto, Portugal, on 18th December 2002.


    The casualty was towed to Sines. It was found that the source of water ingress was from corroded seachests. During the following two weeks the engine room was patched, pumped dry and preservation work was performed. The vessel was subsequently ready for delivery to her owners on 7th January 2003. However, due to inability of the ship and cargo owners to reach an agreement as to the delivery of ship and cargo, it was decided to tow the ship to Piraeus.


    TSAVLIRIS-owned S/T "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" sailed from Piraeus on January 9th to take over the casualty from the subcontracted/participating tug Golfo De Bangala and tow her to Piraeus. On 31st January, off the Algerian coast the convoy unexpectedly encountered storm winds and very rough sea. The towline parted and the casualty ran aground on February 1st in Jijel area, Algeria.


    Salvors invoked scopic on 11th February. When the salvage crew boarded the casualty they found her in a bad state. As the position of the grounding was totally unprotected from the sea and bad weather, it was decided that first the bunkers had to be removed from the casualty, to minimize the severity of pollution that would occur if the vessel did not make it through another storm. The bunker removal operation was faced with big difficulties and delays due to the prevailing strong north winds and high swell on the location of the casualty. The operation was interrupted several times before completed on 15th March, with a total of 1.300 metric tons of bunkers, lubs, slops and contaminated water having been transferred onboard the chartered tanker Panega.


    The next step was to discharge some 16,000 metric tons of cargo from casualty in order to refloat her. Due to very shallow and restricted waters, the "PEARY" - another chartered bulk carrier used for the lightering operation- required an additional tug to cast off/pull her off the casualty. Lightering commenced right upon completion of the bunker removal. The operation was faced with tremendous difficulties. The weather forced the discharging to stop many times and tugs and lightering vessel were forced to seek shelter in port on many occasions and the casualty's condition deteriorated. The engine room was flooded twice; the underwater patching was damaged from pounding on the bottom and had to be replaced; cargo holds 5, 6 and 7 took water in again. Whenever the salvage team was onboard the casualty and throughout the operation, pumping was continuously performed. Underwater inspections and repairs were very difficult due to the very limited underwater visibility. The chartered tug was released and another TSAVLIRIS tug , the "LEOPARD" was brought onto the scene on 4th of April.


    By the end of May about 10.000 metric tons of sound cargo had been discharged from holds nos 2, 3, and 4 of the casualty. When the salvors were faced with the water affected cargo, new difficulties arose. The cargo was in semi-liquid state, however too hard for the grabs to work with. A 19-ton excavator and a 12-ton bulldozer were brought onboard the vessel to work in the holds feeding the grabs. However these often sank in the cargo or got stuck, and the rates of discharge were very low.The discharge of 4,000 metric tons of contaminated cargo was completed early June. A combination of pulling by both tugs and scouring by the "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" resulted in the vessel finally refloating on June 15th. Subsequently the vessel was towed by both tugs to Piraeus Roads where the convoy arrived on 26th of June 2003.

  • Bulk Carrier "GOLDEN SEA"

    The 86,800 dwt vessel - laden with about 86000 tons of coal - was en route from Baltimore and Norfolk to Praia Mole / Brazil. Due to mechanical failure about 270 NM of Antigua, the vessel was immobilised.


    On 08/12/02 "GOLDEN SEA" was towed and delivered to Praia Moleel, Brazil.

  • Motor Vessel "ILSE"

    The 54397 dwt Motor Vessel "ILSE" was on a laden voyage of 54,300 tons soya beans from Comeau Bay, Canada to Ghent, Belgium. While on her passage from Comeau Bay, the vessel was immobilised NW in the Atlantic Ocean.


    On 07/11/02 the vessel was succesfully delivered to Ghent.

  • Motor Vessel "INDONESIA STAR"

    The 21,442 dwt vessel - carrying 1.100 containers -  was en route from Korea to Kingston, Jamaica and to Rio Haina, Dominican Republicon. Due to main engine failure on her way from Far East to Kingston,Jamaica, the vessel was immobilised.


    Motor Vessel "INDONESIA STAR" was succesfully delivered to Santa Marta, Colombia on 11/11/02.

  • Motor Vessel "BONASIA"

    The 27,610 dwt vessel was on a laden voyage of 22.900 m/t of rice from Kandla to Nigeria. The vessel was immobilised due to engine room fire in 660 NM SSE of Bombay in Indian Ocean.


    After succesfully extinguishing the fire, Motor Vessel "BONASIA" was towed and delivered to Durban, South Africa on 09/10/02.

  • Motor Vessel "ORIENTAL PEACE"

    The 14,241 dwt vessel while laden with 10.200 tons of steel wire rods reported engine room flooding on August 30th .The vessel was en route from Salvador Brazil to Abidjan.


    TSAVLIRIS' operated tug "FOTIY KRYLOV" succesfully delivered Motor Vessel "ORIENTAL PEACE" in Abidjan on 13/9/2002.

  • Motor Vessel "CIC PRIDE"

    Motor Vessel "CIC PRIDE"

    The 17.1870 dwt Motor Vessel "CIC PRIDE" – loaded with 167,841 m/tons of iron -  was en route from Dampier / Australia to Dunkerque. When manouvering for anchorage, the vessel suffered collision damage at Dunkerque Roads.


    On 20/8/2002 the vessel was succesfully delivered to Dunkerque Roads.

  • Motor Vessel "ORIENTAL KIKU"

    Motor Vessel "ORIENTAL KIKU"

    The 12876 dwt vessel "ORIENTAL KIKU" - loaded with 13,000 m/t of sugar in bags - was en route from Rouen, France to Tartous, Syria. The vessel was immobilised due to failure of main engine about 100 NM SSW of Pylos. 


    TSAVLIRIS' S/T "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" towed Oriental Kiku to Piraeus Roads on 13/8/2002.

  • Motor Vessel "SATURN II"

    Motor Vessel "SATURN II"

    The 64,535 dwt Motor Vessel "SATURN II" was on a layden voyage of 63,000 tons of coal from China to Dahej India. The vessel was grounded about 55 N.Miles South of the port of Bhavnagar.


    Motor Vessel "SATURN II" was succesfully refloated and delivered on 29/10/02.

  • Motor Vessel "ZOGRAFIA"

    Motor Vessel "ZOGRAFIA"
  • Motor Vessel "ELENI"

    The 21,939 dwt vessel laden with 19,270 sugar in bulk was traveling from Brazil to Klapeida. On May 24th Motor Vessel "ELENI" run aground in position close to Malmo in Sweden. No leakages were observed in double bottom and peak tanks by TSAVLIRIS SALVAGE crew.


    The vessel was succesfully delivered to Klapeida in 6/6/02.

  • Motor Vessel "AMAZE"

    Motor Vessel "AMAZE"

    The 2,412 dwt Vessel in ballast condition run aground due to bad weather at Golfo Se Rosas in Spain.


    The Motor Vessel "AMAZE" was succesfully towed to Piraeus on 21/5/02.

  • Motor Tanker "YAPI"

    Motor Tanker "YAPI"

    The 29,998 dwt tanker laden with about 29.150 tons of molasses was traveling from Indian to Tarragona / Spain and North Europe. While continuing her route with Suez canal northbound convoy - and after completing engine repairs to damage sustained on March 30th - she sustained malfunction in her direction equipment at km 112. She grounded and threw her anchor at km 113 in 06/04/02. Diver report revealed loss of half of the rudder and damage to at least one propeller blade.


    The Motor Tanker "YAPI" was succesfully refloated and delivered to Elefsina, Greece in 4/6/02.

  • Motor Vessel "GEORGETE K"

    The 34,607 dwt motor vessel, laden with about 33.500 tons of steel products on her way from B. Aires to China was immobilised due to mechanical failure about 600 miles East of Montevideo.


    The Motor Vessel "GEORGETE K" was successfully delivered to Montevideo on 15/4/02.

  • Motor Vessel "APOLLONIA LINES"

    The 72,044 dwt vessel was immobilised due to mechanical failure about 400 miles West of Bombay. In laden condition with hot briquetted iron Motor Vessel "APOLLONIA LINES" was succesfully towed from Laguana Malaysia to Qatar in 17/4/02.

  • Motor Vessel "JOHNNY"

    The Motor Vessel "JOHNNY", 21,794 dwt, was immobilised about 250 miles WSW of St. Helena South Atlantic due to Mechanical failure. Laden with 17,500 tons of general cargo / concentrates.


    TSAVLIRIS' S/T "LEOPARD" towed Motor Vessel "JOHNNY" from Mobil Alabama to Singapore & China.

  • Motor Vessel "VIENTO"

    Motor Vessel "VIENTO"

    The 24,000 dwt vessel was immobilized due to fire in her engine room, about 50 miles west of the island of Kefalonia, Greece. She was laden with 20,000 tonnes of soya bean meals from Brazil to Preveza, Greece.


    The fire was extinguished and Motor Vessel "VIENTO" was towed to Preveza where she was delivered on 17/02/02

  • Motor Vessel "AGHIA TRIAS"

    The 118,500 dwt bulker was immobilized due to main engine failure off Bermuda, while in ballast condition on her way to New Orleans. 


    "AGHIA TRIAS" was towed and delivered to Spain on 19/02/02.

  • Bulk Carrier "CACAO"

    The 25,000 dwt Bulk Carrier "CACAO" was in ballast, on fire, abandoned and adrift in the Arabian Sea. The fire was extinguished and she was towed to Dubai where she was delivered on 02/02/02.

  • Bulk Carrier "MED UNITY"

    The 40,000 dwt Bulk Carrier "MED UNITY" was immobilized due to main engine failure at Bejaia, Algeria. The vessel was laden with 28,000 tonnes of soya bean meals from San Lorenzo Brazil to Bejaia, Algeria and Thessaloniki, Greece.


    She was towed and delivered to Malta on 26/01/02.

  • Motor Tanker 'VIRGIN'

    Motor Tanker 'VIRGIN'

    The 31,000 dwt Motor Tanker "VIRGIN" ran aground off Banana, Congo, while laden with 25,600 tonnes of gas oil from Bahrain to Banana and Lome, Luanda. After lightering operations, the tanker was successfully refloated and delivered on 07/02/02.



    The semi-submersible driiling rig "ATWOOD EAGLE" was towed 5,500 miles without incident from its refit and conversion in a Greek shipyard early 2003 to Luanda, Angola on a voyage of just over two and a half months.The contract on the 325 ft X 242 ft and 25 ft draught rig, owned by Atwood Oceanics Inc., was performed by the TSAVLIRIS - operated "FOTIY KRYLOV".

  • Bulk Carrier "STANDARD VALOR"

    Bulk Carrier "STANDARD VALOR"

    The 72,000 dwt Bulk Carrier "STANDARD VALOR" ran aground on Rio Parana, Argentina, laden with 36,000 tonnes of soya pellets from San Lorenzo to Alexandria and Lebanon.

    She was successfully refloated and delivered on 21/01/02.

  • Barges "SETE 33", "SETE 23 & 24"

    TSAVLIRIS tug "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" engaged in 12-day tow of of the Barge "Sete 33" from Elefsis, Greece to Jeddah.

    "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" also towed Barge "Sete 23 & 24" from Jeddah to Algieres.

  • Bulk Carrier "BONGA"

    Bulk Carrier "BONGA"

    The 32,000-dwt bulk carrier "BONGA" was laden with scrap from Russia to Iskenderun, Turkey, when it run aground off Nisyros Island.

    She was successfully refloated and delivered in Iskenderun on 19/03/02.