Salvage & Towage Services - Operations Reference List 2001

  • Motor Vessel "ORIENTAL SPIRIT"

    The 14312 dwt Motor Vessel "ORIENTAL SPIRIT", loaded with sugar, while on her voyage from Brazil to Nigeria, caught fire in the engine room on 22nd of December, about 220 NM South of Abidjan.

    The fire was extinguished and the vessel was delivered to Tema Roads on 09/01/2002.

  • Bulk Carrier "MASTER A II"

    The 64,854 dwt, Bulk Carrier "MASTER A II", fully laden with wheat from Odessa to Bandar Abbas, Iran, immobilized due to steering gear failure at position 30 NM off Mukalla, South Yemen.

    On 04/01/02 the vessel was delivered to Fujairah.

  • Bulk Carrier "LISSOM"

    Bulk Carrier "LISSOM"

    The 25909 dwt Bulk Carrier "LISSOM", while carrying of 23,000 tons of rice from China to Abidjan, Duala, caught fire in the engine room / accommodation on 16th of December about 80 miles from Diego Garcia Island, Indian Ocean. Vessel' s crew abandoned "LISSOM" and boarded on the M/V "IWANUMA MARU".

    Fire was extinguished and the vessel was towed and safely delivered to Maputo port on 12/02.


    The 4385 dwt RoRo "NAVETRAILER", loaded with cars and trucks, was immobilised about 80 miles East of Ravenna, Italy on her passage from Greece to Venice.

    The vessel was towed and delivered to Ravenna on 16/12/01.

  • Bulk Carrier "CAPTAGIANNIS"

    The 28,734 dwt Bulk Carrier "CAPTAGIANNIS" loaded with 2700 tons of Sulphur, while on a voyage from Russia to Sfax, Tunisia, grounded about 15 miles ESE from Zarris, Tunisia.

    The vessel was refloated on 29/11/01.

  • Bulk Carrier "AUDACIOUS"

    Bulk Carrier "AUDACIOUS"

    The 27.560 dwt Bulk Carrier "AUDACIOUS", laden with 23100 tons of rice in bags, grounded near Keleman Island, Indonesia while on her voyage from Thailand to Nigeria (Apapa).

    The salvage operation ended successfully on 12/11/01.

  • Motor Vessel "LYKES INSPIRER"

    The 17565 dwt Motor Vessel "LYKES INSPIRER" - on her voyage from Port Cape Town to Montreal - was immobilized due to mechanical failure about 730 miles WNW of Walvis Bay, South Africa.

    The vessel - loaded with about 13.500 tons of general cargo – was towed and delivered on 31/10/01.

  • Bulk Carrier "PACIFICATOR"

    The 30529 dwt Bulk Carrier "PACIFICATOR" while on a laden voyage from Eilat Israel to Dahej, India, with a cargo of 32000 tons of pock phosphate, ran aground 150/180 miles North of Bobay on the reefs of Surat.

    The vessel was successfully refloated on 5/10/01.

  • Bulk Carrier "PROSPERITY II"

    The 22.671 dwt Bulk Carrier "PROSPERITY II", while on a partly laden voyage from Argentina to Brazil, with a cargo of about 10000 tons of wheat, grounded 1,4 miles off No 1 warehouse of the Port Belem – Brazil.

    The vessel was successfully refloated and delivered to Belem on 28/9/01.

  • Motor Vessel "BUFF BAY"

    Motor Vessel "BUFF BAY"

    The 6371 dwt Motor Vessel "BUFF BAY" while on a laden voyage from Jakarta to East Africa, with a cargo of about 6000 tons of bagged cement, was abandoned with heavy ingress of water in holds No. 1 & No. 2, about 200 miles SE of Mauritius. Scopic clause was invoked on 27/8/01.

    The salvage operation ended successfully on 12/10/01.

  • Bulk Carrier "KITSA"

    The 145229 dwt Bulk Carrier "KITSA", loaded with 136.396 M/tons of iron ore, while on a voyage from Brazil to Fangcheng, China, immobilized due to mechanical failure about 250 miles SE of Richards Bay.

    The vessel was towed and delivered to Fujeirah on 17/9/01.

  • Motor Vessel "HANOI GLORY"

    The 13527 dwt Motor Vessel "HANOI GLORY" - loaded with 183 containers-was enroute from Dubai to Singapore, Hong Kong and Kaoshuing ,when immobilized due to mechanical failure on 17/08/01 close to the North part of Sumatra Island.

    The salvage operation ended on 22/8/01.

  • Motor Vessel "BONGO DANIELSEN"

    The 2,910 dwt Motor Vessel "BONGO DANIELSEN", while on a laden voyage with cement from Italy to Cape Verde, grounded on a reef in Port Sal Rei in Boa Vista Island, Cape Verde. After the grounding, the casualty suffered cracks and water flooding in her hold, engine room and db tanks, forcing the crew to abandon the vessel. Scopic clause was invoked on 1/8/2001.

    The salvage operations ended on 22/8/01.

  • Motor Vessel "SAFMARINE NARMADA"

    Motor Vessel "SAFMARINE NARMADA"

    The 13.992 dwt, Motor Vessel "BONGO DANIELSEN", loaded with about 273 containers, wghile on a voyage from Dubai to Mombassa, Durban, immobilized due to main engine failure, 360 NM at Mogadiscio, Somailia.

    The vessel was towed and delivered to Mombasa on 5/6/01.

  • Bulk Carrier "AGIOS GERASSIMOS I"

    Bulk Carrier "AGIOS GERASSIMOS I"

    The 29723 dwt, Bulk Carrier "AGIOS GERASSIMOS I" - loaded with 26197 tons of wheat- while on a voyage from San Lorentzo (Aca Terminal) to Brazil, was grounded on 14th June about 315 km of Rio Parana, Argentina.

    The vessel was delivered on 17/6/2001 after a successfull refloating operation.

  • Motor Yacht "EXECUTIVE"

    The Motor Yacht "EXECUTIVE" carrying 8 crew members and 7 passengers, run aground at Tripiti Reef, NNW of Makronissos Island.

    The salvage operations ended on 7/6/01.

  • Motor Vessel "SAFMARINE NARMADA"

    The 13.992 dwt, Motor Vessel "SAFMARINE NARMADA", loaded with about 273 containers, while en route from Dubai to Mombassa, Durban, immobilized due to main engine failure, 360 NM at Mogadiscio, Somailia.

    The vessel was towed and delivered to Mombasa on 5/6/01.

  • Barge "SETE 33"

    Barge "SETE 33"
  • Motor Vessel "GEORGIOS XII"

    Motor Vessel "GEORGIOS XII"

    The 3,500 dwt, Motor Vessel "GEORGIOS XII" , while on a laden voyage from Havre to Mostaganem, with a of cargo of about 3300 tons of sugar, was immobilized due to rudder's problem in Bay of Biscay.

    The vessel was refloated and towed to El Ferrol on 16/5/01.

  • Aircraft Carrier "VARYAG"

    Aircraft Carrier "VARYAG"

    The half-completed Ukrainian-built Aircraft Carrier "VARYAG" was deliverd to the port of Dalian, China in March 2002 after a marathon towage lasting 110 days. Initially the 40,000 hp "NIKOLAY CHIKER" had played the all important braking and steering role in guiding the rudder-less and engine-less 67,000 dwt Kuznetsov-class carrier through Bosporus and Dardanelles, escorted by 27 vessels including 11 tugboats and three pilot craft. However, after the TSAVLIRIS-operated tug disconnected, fierce Aegean gales caused the 984 ft X 124.5 ft carrier to break loose from her towing tugs and drift dangerously close to the Greek island of Skyros and the coast of Evia.

    The "NIKOLAY CHIKER" was then engaged to secure the huge carrier for the Mediterranean leg of the towage, this contract being extended in October 2001 to cover the entire voyage to China via the Straits of Gibraltar, the Cape of Good Hope and the Malacca Straits, calling for bunkers and supplies at Piraeus, Las Palmas, Maputo and Singapore en route. Transferred to Ukraine on break-up of the Soviet Union, the stripped-down carrier had been purchased in 1998 by a Hong Kong-based company which proposed to convert it into a floating hotel and casino. A Dutch tug was hired mid-2000 to take the Varyag under tow, but Turkey initially refused permission for the Bosporus transit, and the hull spent 16 months circling the Black Sea before Ankara relented following high-level intervention from the Chinese Government. The long haul through the Med and around Africa was preferred because of risks envisaged in transiting the Suez Canal.


    The 60,000 dwt, Bulk Carrier "CAPTAIN GEORGE TSANGARIS" laden with 52.500 tons of wheat, grounded at Trincomalee Sri-Lanka due to damage in No 1 hold dbt p-side,while entering the port to discharge her cargo.

    The vessel was refloated and delivered on 19/5/01.

  • Motor Vessel "ETILICO"

    Motor Vessel "ETILICO"

    TSAVLIRIS' tug "FOTIY KRYLOV" towed the Motor Vessel "ETILICO" from Alexandria to Malta


    TSAVLIRIS' most powerful unit "FOTIY KRYLOV" towed VLCC "HAWTAH" from Loop, Louisiana to Norfolk, USA.

  • Motor Vessel "DELOS CARRIER"

    The 3,000 dwt, container ship "DELOS CARRIER", laden with 103 pcs of tracks and containers of total weight 785 tons, while on a voyage from Mariupol to Jebel Ali, grounded 60 NM off Hodeidah (Yemen). A Scopic Cause was invoked on 5.5.01.

    S/T "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" delivered the vessel on 22.5.01 in Piraeus.



    In summer 2001, the group successfully completed a 16-day tow of Ocean Rig's brand new, semi-submersible drilling rig "EIRIK RAUDE" from Pascagoura, Mississippi to Halifax, Nova Scotia.

    The operation also marked the first time that the TSAVLIRIS-operated pair of 40,000 hp salvage tugs "FOTIY KRYLOV" and "NIKOLAY CHIKER", the world's most powerful units, had worked side by side.

  • Motor Vessel "MAKEDONIA I"

    Motor Vessel "MAKEDONIA I"

    On the 23rd of April, 1,000 dwt Motor Vessel "MAKEDONIA I" laden with 1593 cubic meters of timber, developed a dangerous list at 102 nm off Rhodes island due to strong winds. All nine members of the crew abandoned the vessel and boarded on a life raft. All vessel crew was rescued.

    S/T "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" sailed to assist the abandoned Motor Vessel "MAKEDONIA I", which was successfully towed to Limassol.

  • Motor Vessel "SEA DREAM"

    TSAVLIRIS' "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" towed the Motor Vessel "SEA DREAM" from Piraeus to Alexandria and then back to Piraeus.

  • Motor Vessel "STAMATINA P"

    Motor Vessel "STAMATINA P", fully laden with timber, was immobilized due to main engine problem about 100 nm east of Madeirain the Atlantic Ocean.

    TSAVLIRIS' S/T "FOTIY KRYLOV" was dispatched and Motor Vessel "STAMATINA P" was delivered at Leixoes on 16/04/2001.

  • Motor Vessel "OSTERHUSEN"

    TSAVLIRIS' most powerful tug "NIKOLAY CHIKER" towed the Motor Vessel "OSTERHUSEN" from Falmouth to Brest, France.

  • Motor Vessel 'CAPTAIN YANNIS L'

    Motor Vessel 'CAPTAIN YANNIS L'

    The 24,350 dwt Motor Vessel "CAPTAIN YANNIS L", while on a laden voyage from Richards Bay to Haldia India, with a cargo of 17,988 mt rock phosphate, immobilized at Mozambique Channel (about 300 M East of Beira port) due to mechanical failure.

    On 1/5/01 the vessel was refloated and towed to Vishakhapatnam.

  • Motor Vessel "BASS"

    TSAVLIRIS tug "ATLAS" towed Motor Vessel "BASS" from Lefkadi to Piraeus.

  • Motor Vessel "STAR ADMIRAL"

    On the 24th of January, the 18,000 dwt Motor Vessel "STAR ADMIRAL", laden with 11000 tons of general cargo,at about 458 NM from Azores encountered water ingress in Hold No3, facing also heavy list due to cargo shifting. Crew abandoned the vessel and hoisted onboard the "TEAM VENUS".

    TSAVLIRIS' S/T "FOTIY KRYLOV" sailed to assist the abandoned Motor Vessel "STAR ADMIRAL". While searching for the casualty - it was also hired a plane in order to effect air searching- the vessel sunk.

    On January the 27th the "FOTIY KRYLOV" was instructed to return to her base.

  • Motor Vessel "CAPTAIN YANNIS L"

    TSAVLIRIS' tug "SB- 408" towed Motor Vessel "CAPTAIN YANNIS L" from Vishakhapatnam to Chittagong.

  • Bulk Carrier "DORA"

    The 31.000 dwt Bulk Carrier "DORA", while on a laden trip from Venezuel to Russia, with a cargo of 25500 tons of alumina, grounded at 36,5 mile River Orinoco, Venezuela.

    The vessel was succesfully refloated and delivered to Orinoco anchorage on 11/01/01.

  • Motor Vessel "ORION II"

    TSAVLIRIS' tug "HERMES" owed Motor Vessel "ORION II" to Kylini port.

  • Bulk Carrier "ALINDA"

    Bulk Carrier "ALINDA"

    The 28.310 dwt Bulk Carrier "ALINDA", while on laden voyage from San Martin, Argentina to Matarani, Peru, with a cargo of 26336 m/t wheat, ran aground at position 375 km of rever Panama close to Villa Constitution Argentina.

    After succesfully refloating the vessel, it was delivered safely on 1/8/01.

  • Motor Tanker "CASTOR"

    Motor Tanker "CASTOR"

    The vessel "CASTOR" was on a laden voyage carrying a cargo of 39,000 mt of unleaded gasoline from Costanza to Lagos, Nigeria. On 31st December, during storm weather, the vessel developed a 20-meter crack in her main deck in way of cargo tanks No4. Her position at the time was off the Moroccan Coast. Morocco ordered the ship to stay 40 miles away from their coast.

    On the 3rd of January 2001 the ship owners contacted TSAVLIRIS for assistance and a LOF was signed the same day. TSAVLIRIS, having the very large salvage tug "NIKOLAY CHIKER" in the area instructed her to proceed full speed in order to meet the M/T "CASTOR". Following the instructions of the Moroccan Authorities "NIKOLAY CHIKER" escorted/towed the vessel by stern 40 miles off the coast of Morocco. Next day, on the 4th of January, tug and tow entered Spanish responsibility SAR area in order to seek some shelter to restore the vessel to a more or less safe condition. After inspection of the casualty by the Spanish Authorities, the crew was instructed to abandon the vessel, and the Spanish Authorities ordered the convoy to maintain a minimum distance of 30nm from the Spanish coast. The same policy was also maintained by the Gibraltar Authorities.

    On the same day, the 4th of January, TSAVLIRIS time-chartered the Spanish salvage tug "GOLFO DE BENGALA" to proceed from Cartagena to assist the "NIKOLAY CHIKER", while TSAVLIRIS salvage tug "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" was fully loaded with salvage equipment and sailed from Piraeus to meet the "CASTOR", followed a few days later by the company's salvage tug "ATLAS".

    Salvage teams and equipment were also mobilized right away from Greece and Holland to attend the casualty, consisting of a salvage master, salvage officer, salvage engineer, marine chemist, engineers, electricians and salvage assistants. The team was placed onboard the casualty, and on the 8th of January managed to seal the crack with a combination of polyurethane foam and silicon paste so as to create an elastic sealing on the crack and to prevent the tank from "breathing". Gas concentrations were continuously monitored by the chemist and a few days later, two inert gas installations were placed on board the ship and the vapor spaces of all tanks were inerted to eliminate the danger of explosion. The salvage team prepared a plan for an STS operation to discharge the vessel, supported by 135 pages of salvage plans and supporting calculations, which were agreed to by the Salvage Association and ABS. However, the technical merits of such plan were never discussed by coastal states, which, on purely political grounds, refused the operation to be performed within their 30-mile limit. After refusal coming from Spain, Gibraltar, Morocco, Malta and Algeria, it was decided that the operation will take place in the open sea and the two lightering tankers, namely the "YAPI" (30,000 dwt) and the "GIOVANNA" (6,500 dwt) were hired by the salvor to join the convoy.

    The flotilla faced severe weather conditions of up to Force 12 winds until, on the 21st January, in a break of good weather the M/T "GIOVANNA" managed to make fast alongside the M/T "CASTOR" and on 22nd of January around noon the whole cargo of No4 damaged tanks had been transferred from "CASTOR" to the "GIOVANNA". This eliminated the danger of pollution, fire or explosion and brought the "CASTOR" to a load condition such that the deck plating was kept in compression in way of the crack to remove stresses and avert further damage.

    Meteorological information from the meteo office, which provided weather routing to the operation, indicated that strong southwesterly airflows were to be expected for a prolonged period in the area. Not being able to find shelter off the Spanish coast, and faced with gale force winds, the convoy (six vessels) was forced to head east in hope of finding better sea conditions for the maximum of three days of good weather required to complete the operation.

    After a towage of more than 2,000 miles around the western Med, the operation reached an end on the 6th of February, when the "Yapi" finally managed to moor alongside the "CASTOR" and begin the STS operation to lighten the damaged vessel. Using a sophisticated discharge plan, the salvage team managed to empty the casualty's tanks from cargo, and ballast the vessel so as to minimize stresses on the damaged area. The STS operation was over on the 8th of February. The casualty's tanks were then inerted, shaft and rudder secured, and the vessel was subsequently towed to Piraeus Roads as dead ship by the "MEGAS ALEXANDROS", where she arrived on February 14th. The cargo onboard the "GIOVANNA" was transferred to the "YAPI" using the Marsaxlokk shore facilities in Malta, and the "YAPI" resumed the "CASTOR's" voyage.

    Certificate of Safe Delivery was signed on February 20,2001.

  • Motor Tanker "GAS HORIZON"

    Motor Tanker "GAS HORIZON"

    TSAVLIRIS powerful tug MEGAS ALEXANDROS" towed the Motor Tanker "GAS HORIZON" from Pylos to Piraeus.