Special Services - Operations Reference List

  • Passenger Cruise Ship QUEEN OF THE OCEANS
  • Motor Yacht ZEPPELIN
  • Passenger Ferry EUROFERRY OLYMPIA
  • Chemical/Products Tanker "KIRSTIN"

    Chemical/Products Tanker "KIRSTIN"

    On 7 October 2016, the Chemical/Products Tanker "KIRSTIN" (GT 30,006 – DWT 50,078) whilst discharging palm oil at Chittagong anchorage suffered stern tube damage/leakage due to contact with another vessel.

    On 11 October the AHT "NING HAI TUO 6001" (BHP 6,600 –TBP 80) was dispatched from Chittagong anchorage to provide standby/holding services during lightening/discharge.

    Due to prevailing strong currents and adverse weather conditions the "NING HAI TUO 6001" was replaced on 27 October by AHT "TERASEA HAWK" (BHP 16,300 –TBP 203). On 8 November, upon completion of discharge, towage commenced and the convoy arrived safely at Singapore on 16 November where the vessel was delivered to dry dock tugs.

  • Bulk Carrier "NEW KATERINA"

    Bulk Carrier "NEW KATERINA"

    On 26 February 2016, Tsavliris Salvage were engaged to provide technical assistance to the Capesize Bulk Carrier "NEW KATERINA" (GRT 85,590 – DWT 170,082) fully laden with iron ore, grounded at KM 69 in the Suez Canal. Tsavliris Salvage provided technical consultancy/support including planning, surveillance and risk assessment.

  • Sailing Yacht "SMA SOLO SAILOR"

    Sailing Yacht "SMA SOLO SAILOR"

    On 16 December 2015, our salvage tug "TSAVLIRIS HELLAS" was dispatched from her permanent salvage station at Ponda Delgada, Azores, to the assistance of the yacht "SMA SOLO SAILOR" which had been abandoned by her crew, in heavy weather, about 150 nautical miles north-west off Azores.

    On 18 December, the "TSAVLIRIS HELLAS" found the yacht drifting approximately 180 miles north-east of Ponda Delgada.

    Due to severe weather/sea conditions, it was not possible to transfer the SMA team  (already onboard the "TSAVLIRIS HELLAS" from Ponda Delgada) to the yacht.  The S/T "TSAVLIRIS HELLAS" returned back to Ponda Delgada with the SMA team onboard.

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  • Dredger "TIANDAO"

    Dredger "TIANDAO"

    The cutter suction dredger "Tiandao" caught fire, capsized and sank at the Port of Gizan in Saudi Arabia, end of November 2014.

    CHEC, a Chinese civil engineering (harbour construction) company, owners of subject dredger, responsible for her refloating/raising, engaged Huta Marine Works' 1,200 tons SWL sheer leg crane (Huta 311) for the operation.

    On 1 December 2014, TSAVLIRIS SALVAGE were contracted by Huta Marine Works to provide technical consultancy/support including planning, surveillance and risk assessment.

    After the successful refloating operation of the sunken dredger "Tiandao", the project was finalised on 22 April 2015.

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  • Motor Tanker "UNIVERSAL BRAVE"
  • Motor Vessel "PYTHIA"

  • Container Vessel "HANJIN ITALY"

    Container Vessel "HANJIN ITALY"

    Containership "HANJIN ITALY" (GT 114,140 - DWT 122,960) laden with 4,500 containers, was involved in a significant collision with "LNG AL GHARRAFA"off Kusu Island, Singapore Straits. As a consequence the vessel sustained hull damages by way of cargo hold No 4 and 5 which in turn led to water ingress, some containers being damaged and others falling off the vessel and landing on the "AL GHARRAFA". Tsavliris was engaged to project manage the anti-pollution services. The operation ended successfully.

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  • Motor Vessel "TERRY TRES"
  • Derrick Barge "DLB-1"

    On 6th of October, Tsavliris dispatched S/T "LEOPARD" to assist the Derrick Barge "DLB-1" which started sinking off Dakar, while under tοw by the tug "Colbert".


    TSAVLIRIS engaged in patching and dewatering services on commercial terms.

  • Frigate "HMS MAKKAH"

    Frigate "HMS MAKKAH"

    TSAVLIRIS completed refloating of a frigate "HMS MAKKAH" , which ran aground on a reef in the Red Sea (about 80 miles north of Jeddah) just prior to Christmas. The delicate operation to free a state-of-the-art warship bristling with expensive electronics took more than two months, utilizing over 700 salvage personnel.

    For the operation, Tsavliris was subcontracted by Huta Sete Marine, and undertook planning, management and supervision of the entire salvage operation. The multipurpose anti-air warfare frigate, newly built in 2004, was heavily aground with bottom contact in the mid-ships area over a length of 15-20 meters. The vessel's hull was breached during grounding with an estimated loss of some 1,400 tonnes of buoyancy.

    Conventional approaches to refloating stranded merchant ships could not be applied in this project and using cranes to lift the vessel was excluded because of the warship's structural profile and sophisticated onboard equipment. Tsavliris' alternative salvage plan was based on providing additional buoyancy to enable refloating to take place without further damaging the vessel.

    Initially, preparations for the project included: patching and dewatering of the frigate's flooded forward engine room, underwater inspections, outfitting of barges with bollards and equipment for securing τhe slings etc.

    Then, two barges – "SETE 21" , a submersible deck cargo barge, and "TAHLIA" – took part in the refloating attempts, gradually applying tension to the sling arrangement of 16 steel wire cables of 56mm diameter passed under the hull of the frigate. These had to be positioned according to load pressure analyses and forces were further controlled through load distribution plates in order to protect the vessel's hull. Deballasting of the barges in a controlled operation in theory could free the frigate, but it became evident that further buoyancy was required.

    This was provided by attaching buoyancy pontoons to the bow and stern of each barge, as well as binding cylindrical tanks to the bow of the vessel. Eventually sufficient buoyancy was achieved to allow the Tsavliris-operated salvage tug "SB-408" to gently pull the frigate from the reef and tow it to Jeddah for redelivery.

  • Motor Vessel "APOLLON"

    TSAVLIRIS performed de-watering operations after the motor vessel "APOLLON" suffered engine-room flooding at Kynosoura.

  • Motor Vessel "ESMERALDA"

    TSAVLIRIS' tug "HERMES" was dispatched to assist the stranded vessel "ESMERALDA" in Mesologgi.

  • Motor Vessel "ADONIS SEA"

    The vessel "ADONIS SEA" sunk due to fire near the Agistri Island. TSAVLIRIS dispatched tugs "HERMES" and "ATLAS" to proceed with recovery operations. The vessel was then towed to Piraeus.

  • Motor Vessel "SEA DREAM"

    TSAVLIRIS offered salvage services to the stranded "SEA DREAM" in Alexandria, Egypt, from 7/6/2001 to 13/6/2001.

  • Rig "PANON"

    TSAVLIRIS tug "SB-408" supplied bunkers to Rig "PANON" at Djibouti Roads.

  • Motor Vessel "ALMA"

    The 18.000 dwt motor vessel "ALMA", loaded with cargo steel products stranded off Piraeus. The vessel was partly discharged and refloated.

  • Motor Vessel "YPAPANTI"

    The 500 dwt motor vessel "YPAPANTI" wrecked on Mykonos island. The vessel was moved and sank.

  • Motor Vessel "ARIADNE"

  • Motor Vessel "ALLEGRA"

    TSAVLIRIS salvage crew of tug "LEOPARD" performed underwater patching in a crack on the shell plate of "ALLEGRA". Attended off Dakar.

  • Motor Vessel "MULTIFLEX ORION"

    The vessel "MULTIFLEX ORION" was Immobilized due to engine problem in US Gulf. The vessel was towed to New Orleans.

  • Motor Vessel "CAPTAIN SPYROS"

    TSAVLIRIS SALVAGE Crew performed antipollution services through the deployment of rig booms, dispersing chemicals and de-watering operations to "CAPTAIN SPYROS".

  • Motor Vessel "XL"

    Vessel "XL" was immobilized due to fire in engine room 50 nm off Port Hedland, Australia. TSAVLIRIS subcontracted 2 tugs and towed the vessel to Singapore.

  • Motor Vessel "TAI AN CHENG"

    The 17.000 dwt motor vessel "TAI AN CHENG",loaded with cargo steel products grounded off Piraeus. TSAVLIRIS salvage tug "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" attended during refloating.