Salvage & Towage Services - Operation Reference

General Cargo Vessel “OCEAN GLORY” 2013

On the 9th June we dispatched motor tug "MONTENOVO" to the assistance of general cargo vessel "OCEAN GLORY" (4,123 GRT, 6,027 DWT), laden with about 4,500 MT of Ivory Coast wheatbran pellets in bulk, immobilized due to the loss of her rudder about 250 nautical miles south of Las Palmas.  Vessel was on passage from Abidjan (Ivory Coast) to Nador (Med Morocco).


The 'MONTENOVO' proceeded to Las Palmas for refueling where she arrived on the 13th June and upon completion of replenishment she sailed on the same day towards casualty's position where she arrived on the 14th June.


Casualty was supplied with MGO and fresh water, towing connection was established and on the same day convoy sailed towards Nador, via Las Palmas, for replenishment of bunkers and fresh water.


On the 18th June convoy arrived at Las Palmas and upon completion of replenishment on the same day sailed from Las Palmas to Nador.


During the towage from Las Palmas to Nador, convoy experienced adverse weather conditions up to 9 Beaufort.


On the 2nd July the convoy safely arrived off Nador and commenced drifting.


Due to shortage of provisions, both tug and vessel were supplied with provisions at Nador anchorage.


On the 13th July, official permission was granted by the Harbour Master and the vessel was towed to Nador by 'MONTENOVO', assisted by two port tugs, and berthed at discharging berth.


Discharging operation commenced on the 3rd August and was completed on the 16th August.


Various legal procedures were initiated by cargo interests and salvors which were resolved by issuing guarantees.


Vessel sailed on the 30th August under tow to Chalkis by 'MONTENOVO'. During the towage the tow was handed over to salvage tug 'MEGAS ALEXANDROS' off Algerian Coast on the 3rd September to continue the towage to Chalkis shipyard for the installation of the new rudder, whilst the 'MONTENOVO' was demobilized to Setubal.


Casualty safely arrived at Chalkis on the 10th September and salvage tug "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" was demobilized to salvage station.