Salvage & Towage Services - Operation Reference

LPG Tanker "OPTIMUS" 2011

On Monday 12th September 2011, we dispatched salvage tug "SCULPTOR" (5,650 BHP / 73 TBP), from Santos, Brazil, to the assistance of LPG Tanker "OPTIMUS" (GRT 5,691, DWT 7,734) in ballast, disabled about 240 nautical miles South of Santos following engine failure.


Casualty was towed safely to Paranagua outer anchorage on the 15th September. On Friday the 14th October tug "SB MOSSORO" (3,100 BHP, 40 TBP) was dispatched from Rio de Janeiro to tow the vessel from Paranagua Roads to Sao Franscisco du Sul. Casualty arrived safely on 16th October.