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Bulk Carrier "EAGLE" - 2011 Oct 12

On the 11th September 2011, we dispatched S/T "TSAVLIRIS UNITY", from her salvage station at Sri Lanka, for the towage of Bulk Carrier "EAGLE" (GT 29,905, DWT 52,000), fully laden with bulk phosphate rock, from Hobyo anchorage on Somali coast to Colombo.


The "EAGLE" had been attacked by pirates last January while crossing the Gulf of Aden with it's 24 Philippine crew and had been taken hostage / kidnapped for nearly 8 months. The vessel, upon payment of ransom, was finally released by the pirates in August, in damaged condition. The S/T "TSAVLIRIS UNITY", with all Russian crew and armed guards, sailed from her salvage station to Hobyo anchorage, via Colombo for refuelling and hardening.


"TSAVLIRIS UNITY" complied with all BMP4 - Best Management Practices for Protection Against Somali Based Piracy.


The "TSAVLIRIS UNITY" arrived at Hobyo anchorage on the 23rd September. Upon delivery of supplies (fresh water, marine gas oil and provisions) to the Bulk Carrier "EAGLE", the towline was connected, and during the afternoon the towage towards Colombo commenced. The convoy arrived safely at Colombo on the 11th October. S/T "TSAVLIRIS UNITY" covered the 3,500 mile round trip - mostly within the "hot" piracy area.