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LPG Carrier “DP PROTEUS” - 2011 Jul 27

On the 4th July 2011, LPG Carrier "DP PROTEUS" (GRT: 4,966 / DWT: 4,998), laden with 600 M/T of Butane Gas, on passage from Singapore to Zhenjiang, was drifting towards the reefs, about 265 nautical miles East of Vung Tau, having lost her propeller. TSAVLIRIS SALVAGE dispatched M/T "PHU MY O3" (5,500 BHP, 65 TBP), from Vietnam, and S/T "PACIFIC HICKORY" (7,200 BHP, 95 TBP) from Singapore to the casualty's assistance.


On the 7th July "PHU MY O3" arrived at the casualty's position and connected towline. Towing commenced in a westerly direction (in order to clear the adjacent reefs), and thence towed vessel in a northerly direction. S/T "PACIFIC HICKORY" arrived on scene on 9th July, towline disconnected from "PHU MY 03" and connected up to "PACIFIC HICKORY", which took over towage. Convoy proceeded towards Shanghai (however, entry was denied), whereupon convoy continued to South Korea. Convoy arrived safely at Yosu "W" anchorage, South Korea, on the 18th July, 2011. "PACIFIC HICKORY" provided stand by services to "DP PROTEUS" until Wednesday 27th July pending entrance to port discharge. Strong winds prevailed due to the effect of typhoon Ma-On.


Casualty safely redelivered to her owners on 27th July at 07.00hrs.