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Bulk Carrier "CHIOS WIND" - 2011 May 20

In the early morning of Friday 20th May, Bulk Carrier "CHIOS WIND" (GT 23,594, DWT 40,707), laden with 25,132 MT of wheat and corn gluten, ran aground while entering the "Bocas de Cenizan", River Magdalena, on passage to the port of Barranquilla. We dispatched T/B tug "EOS II" (50 tons BP), mobilized from local station Barranquilla, to her immediate assistance, which connected to her stern in order to prevent further shifting to shore, while T/B tug "DON LUCHO" (40 Tons BP), also mobilized from Barranquilla, connected to her bow in order to keep the casualty in position. Salvage officer and salvage engineer were on site to assist. Refloating attempts were made on the 21st May using the casualty's engine and the two tugs with no success.


During the last two months Colombia has been experiencing extreme rainfall and the Magdalena River was at its highest levels in several years resulting in extreme river currents. Due to the prevailing strong current (about 8 knots), double bottom tanks were ballasted down, and both the T/B "EOS II" and T/B "DON LUCHO" remained connected to hold the vessel. With the assistance of T/B "ORCA VI", mobilized from Curacao, eight shackles of the starboard ship's anchor were deployed/paid out. Salvage Master and Naval Architect arrived on site on Sunday morning 22nd May.


The Port Authority of Barranquilla declared an emergency and denied access/entry to the port, diverting many ships to nearby ports. Salvage/refloating plan and all relevant calculations were submitted to the harbour master for approval – and were subsequently approved.


On Tuesday 24th May, AHT tug "URANUS" (280 tons BP), mobilized from Caribbean Sea, arrived and berthed alongside the "CHIOS WIND". Due to the substantial BP of "URANUS" a special towage bracket (400 tons SWL) had been fitted / welded at the bow of "CHIOS WIND".


Conditions for the refloating (salvage) operation were suitable on Wednesday 25th May following the completion of all preparations. AHT tug "URANUS" took up the position as lead tug, and with the assistance of "DON LUCHO", "EOS II" and "LIMA II" (mobilized from Caribbean), the casualty was successfully refloated same day. "CHIOS WIND" was safely towed by "URANUS" to the discharging berth at Barranquilla Port and redelivered to her owners.


The salvage operation was supported by the T&T Bisso team on location.