TSAVLIRIS SALVAGE GROUP - News & Announcements

Bulk Carrier "KALISTI" - 2011 May 12

On Friday 4th March 2011, we dispatched our salvage tug "TSAVLIRIS UNITY" from her Galle (Sri Lanka) salvage station, to the assistance of Bulk Carrier "KALISTI" (16,368 GRT, 26,151 DWT), fully laden with about 23,000 tons of white refined bagged sugar, disabled about 250 nautical miles SW off Reunion Island.

"TSAVLIRIS UNITY" called at Port Louis to take provisions, water, fuel and lubricants for the casualty. Our salvage tug safely transited through war (piracy) risk zone - arriving at the casualty's location on the 13th March and connected up towline in adverse weather conditions.

On the 16th March, when weather conditions improved, "TSAVLIRIS UNITY" went alongside "KALISTI" for the transfer of MGO, Lub Oil, fresh water and provisions, completing the transfer on the same day.

On the 17th March, we arranged a service boat from Port Louis to come out to the M/V "KALISTI" for delivery of ships stores and crew changes which was completed same day. Towage commenced in a northerly direction. As the convoy would be transiting through high-risk piracy attack areas, we engaged anti-piracy consultants for the voyage planning to minimize risk for the "KALISTI" as well as our own salvage tug. The passage plan changed during the towage to optimize every possibility to keep risk to a minimum.

During the towage, the towline parted due to adverse weather conditions. Towline was successfully re-connected and towage continued without any problems. Convoy arrived safely at Colombo roads on 10th April 2011.

During the repairs of "KALISTI" at Colombo roads our salvage tug "TSAVLIRIS UNITY" provided stand by services. Commencing from the 15th April, the "KALISTI" was towed by the "TSAVLIRIS UNITY" (as leading tug) and with the assistance of port tugs in and out of the port to load and unload spares.

On the 22nd April, upon completion of repairs the "KALISTI" was safely redelivered to her owners. After taking on stores and provisions, replenishing bunkers etc., "TSAVLIRIS UNITY" returned to her salvage station at Galle on 12th May. This could well be the longest salvage/towage service of its kind in the Indian Ocean in recent times - over 6,500 miles round voyage – a service lasting about two months.