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Motor Vessel "MONICA P" - 2010 May 05

On the 5th May 2010 we were advised by the owners/managers of vessel Motor Vessel "MONICA P" (GRT 27,011, DWT 46,667), that she had run aground at the mouth of the Amazon River (canal norte of Rio Amazonas), approximately 45 miles from Macapa, and required professional assistance. The vessel was on a voyage from Santana (BZ) to Europe, laden with about 43,500 metric tons of iron ore when the incident occurred.

Our Argentinean Salvage Master flew from Buenos Aires to Macapa on the 6th May 2010 and boarded the casualty at midnight on the 7th May. The only available powerful tug "REBRAS IGUACU" (4,425 BHP, 62 TBP) was contracted and sailed from Sao Luiz to the casualty's position on the 7th May. Upon completion of inspections and calculations it was found that the vessel was aground from the middle of hold no.5 to approximately 5metres in the way of the superstructure and only on her port side.

A preliminary salvage plan was prepared and submitted to the coast guard for approval. During the afternoon high water on the 8th May, a re-floating attempt was performed by using the ship's engine, but with no success. At 07.30hrs on the 9th May, the tug "REBRAS IGUACU" arrived and immediately positioned herself in order to scour the mud from beneath the ship's hull on the port side by way of hold no.5 and superstructure. After a few hours the vessel started swinging and her heading began to change. With the assistance of the tug and the ship's engine, the vessel was successfully refloated at 12.10hrs.

Following the instructions from port authorities, the vessel, under pilot and escorted by the "REBRAS IGUACU", proceeded to the port of Macapa for inspections by the authorities. However, when the vessel was in the vicinity of Ilha Pedreira, she ran aground again. Immediately the salvage master instructed the "REBRAS IGUACU" to connect the tow line at the ship's bow, and awaited for high water to attempt to refloat the vessel. Under command of the salvage master, with the assistance of tug and ship's engine, the vessel successfully refloated at 22.00hrs.

For safety reasons, due to shallows, the tug remained connected up to Macapa roads. On the 10th May, the vessel was inspected by port authorities. Following the inspections the vessel sailed under pilot from Macapa on the 11th May, escorted by the tug "REBRAS IGUACU" and with the salvage master onboard. The tug was released and the salvage master disembarked at Espadarte at Para River. The M/V "MONICA P" resumed on her voyage to Europe.