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TSAVLIRIS frees iced-up bulker "MADREDEUS" off St. Petersburg - 2003 Mar 22

In icy conditions that could be seen as symbolic of this years slow emergency salvage market, the international TSAVLIRIS SALVAGE GROUP has salved a handysized bulk carrier that fell victim to thick ice in the Baltic Sea.


The "MADREDEUS", laden with about 38,000 metric tons of steel coils, was en route from Russia to South Korea via Ghent when she suffered structural damage due to impact with heavy ice floes whilst she was some 90 nautical miles west of St. Petersburg. Working under a Lloyds Open Form, TSAVLIRIS sent a salvage team to attend the casualty, which had suffered flooding in No.1 cargo hold and was trimmed heavily by the bow.


After difficulty obtaining Russian permission to board the casualty within territorial waters, arrangements were made for three ice-breakers and a locally based salvage tug to assist the vessel, whereupon the casualty was able to slowly resume the voyage outside Russian waters where the team boarded the bulker by helicopter.


Two days later, on reaching the edge of the ice-pack, the vessel was inspected and temporary repairs (followed by dewatering) were carried out successfully. An indication of extreme conditions throughout the operation was that damage inspection revealed water inside the hull to have frozen solid. In deteriorating weather a second tug was added to the convoy and the "MADREDEUS" was safely redelivered to her owners in Gdansk where fuller repairs could be carried out.