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Motor Tanker "ATHINA" - 2010 Feb 12

On Friday 22nd January 2010, we dispatched salvage tug "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" from her Piraeus salvage station, to the assistance of M/T "ATHINA" (GRT 7,613, DWT 12,733) in ballast, which had stranded approximately 2.5 n.miles east of Kali Limenes, southern Crete. The vessel had dragged her anchors in sudden bad weather and grounded approximately 20 meters from the high rising rocky shoreline. Initially there was an imminent danger of pollution, however, this subsided, following transfer of all the bunkers and pollutants to the sub-contracted oil recovery anti-pollution vessel "AEGIS".

A diver's inspection revealed that rocks had penetrated the ship's bottom. It was also observed that there were small pinnacle shaped rocks all along the port and starboard side of the vessel.

The salvage team made preparations for re-floating efforts, which were successful on Saturday 30th January, 2010. Following the re-floating, M/T "ATHINA" was towed to the anchorage for underwater inspection and for document preparation for towage to Piraeus.

On the 31st January due to adverse weather conditions (south westerly gale force winds) it was decided for safety reasons that the salvage tug "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" and tugboat "HECTOR" proceed with the M/T "ATHINA" in tow under a controlled drifting mode, off Kali Limenes, until the weather improved. On the 3rd February the weather abated and the convoy anchored off Kali Limenes. On the 4th February, a detailed underwater dive inspection was performed. All towage certificates were received on the 5th February and on the same day the convoy sailed towards Piraeus.

On Saturday 6th February, the convoy arrived safely at Piraeus roads but due to prevailing weather conditions (Southerly gale force winds) M/T "ATHINA", salvage tug "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" and tugboat "HECTOR" anchored off the Northern Coast of Aegina Island for shelter. On Monday 8th February, the convoy proceeded to Piraeus pilot station and with the assistance of port tugs the "ATHINA" berthed alongside at Perama, for transferring the bunkers and pollutants from "AEGIS". Transfer back to "ATHINA" commenced on the 11th February. This unexpected delay was due to the preparation of all relevant customs documentation and the public strike that occurred on the 10th February, and was completed on the 12th February.

The casualty has been safely delivered to her owners.