TSAVLIRIS SALVAGE GROUP - News & Announcements

TSAVLIRIS' Quarter Three - 2009 Sep 30

TSAVLIRIS has continued to work steadily throughout the third quarter. It began on Wednesday 1st July, when TSAVLIRIS SALVAGE (INTERNATIONAL) LTD. undertook the salvage of the pontoon barge "MARGARET", (laden with 12 Rhine Container Barges and 2 Floating Docks) which had stranded off Saldanha Bay, South Africa, following breakaway, while under tow. However, due to complications associated with casualty ownership and lack of insurances, contractual relationship was terminated on Friday 10th July, 2009.

On Friday 10th July, we dispatched salvage tug "TSAVLIRIS HELLAS", from her Las Palmas salvage station, to the assistance of the M/T "BISKRA" (GRT 8,744, DWT 11,404) disabled about 250 miles south of Las Palmas. Casualty was towed safely to Las Palmas. Saturday 18th July saw TSAVLIRIS dispatch salvage tug "TSAVLIRIS UNITY" from her Colombo salvage station, to the assistance of "CELINE I" (GRT 45,025, DWT 75,471) disabled 250 n.miles east of Galle after suffering a blackout. Casualty was towed safely to Colombo.

On Wednesday 22nd July, we dispatched salvage tug "LONDON" (13,500 BHP, 170 TBP) to the assistance of cape size bulk carrier "GOOD LUCK" (90,831 GRT, 173,028 DWT) fully laden with iron ore, disabled off Singapore. The casualty lost both anchors/chains and drifted onto 6 - 7 anchored vessels, sustaining multiple hull damages, until secured by our salvage tug. Second salvage tug "SIROCCO" was engaged to assist in the shifting of the casualty off port limits and thence to standby on location. A salvage team consisting of salvage masters, naval architects and engineers flew from Greece and Holland to attend the casualty. Our salvage tug "TSAVLIRIS UNITY" replaced "SIROCCO" on the 7th August. The casualty was towed safely by "LONDON" and "TSAVLIRIS UNITY" to a sheltered anchorage for a detailed underwater inspection and to continue the exterior/interior repairs. Salvage tug "LONDON" was released on the 21st August. Temporary repairs to M/V "GOOD LUCK" were completed on Monday 31st August. Casualty was safely delivered to Kukkup anchorage on the 14th September, where she is at present lying safely at anchor on termination of salvage services.

On Wednesday 26th August, we dispatched salvage tug "TSAVLIRIS HELLAS", from her Las Palmas salvage station, to the assistance of the BC "CAPTAIN GEORGE L" (GRT 35,803, DWT 63,880) disabled about 220 n.miles South West of Lisbon. Casualty was towed safely to Cadiz - arrived on Monday 31st August.

Presently, TSAVLIRIS SALVAGE GROUP has been awarded a LOF contract by the owners for the bulk container "SELI 1" (GRT 19,031, DWT 30,529), laden with coal, aground in Table Bay, South Africa – our team are currently on location to attend casualty. Secondly, we are currently rendering services under LOF to another bulk container, "MINOAN EURO" (GRT 35,699, DWT 64,155) which was disabled 65 nautical miles from Sangkulirang, Indonesia, and is currently is being towed to Phillipines.