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A Bright Start to 2008 for TSAVLIRIS SALVAGE GROUP - 2008 Feb 13

The year 2008 has commenced in much the same way as the tail end of 2007 for TSAVLIRIS SALVAGE GROUP, full of activity. 2007 saw TSAVLIRIS secure a total of 31 cases globally. These were comprised of 26 Salvage cases of which 11 were LOFs, 13 were Deep Sea Rescue Tows and 2 were Refloating Cases. The remaining 5 were Commercial/Static Towages Contracts, demonstrating that it was an extremely productive year.

The last five cases prior to the end of 2007 began with the Bulgarian gearless bulk carrier "DIMITROVSKY KOMSOMOL" (GRT 23000 DWT 39000) laden with 32.177 M/T of Soya bean meals and soya bean pellets grounded in Rio Parana River (KM 407,5) in 21st of November. The refloating operation undertaken by TSAVLIRIS lasted about fifteen days, with the deployment of seven tugs, and was achieved without lightening.

Our salvage tug "TSAVLIRIS HELLAS" was engaged to provide escort services to FPSO "AGBAMI" from 13th December to 16th December 2007 towards Lagos, Nigeria.

On 24th of December the M/T "FAULTLESS" (GRT 80000, DWT 155000) fully laden with crude oil, became disabled due to mechanical problems, about 30 n. miles west of San Juan/Puerto Rico. Local tugs and the S/T "ADVENTURER" were dispatched from San Juan and U.S.A., respectively to her assistance. Upon completion of repairs M/T "FAULTLESS" was escorted by S/T "ADVERTURER" up to Mona passage, where services lasting 23 days were terminated.

Also on 30th December we dispatched tug "CRAMOND" from Hound Point to off Fifth of Forth for the assistance of the combined chemical & oil Tanker "ELEOUSA TRIKOUKIOTISA" (GRT 2500, DWT 4500). Tug "CRAMOND" was subsequently recalled as casualty rectified problem and resumed voyage.

Finally, on January 1st we dispatched the S/T "ATLANTIC OAK" from her salvage station at Halifax to the assistance of Panamax Bulker "BARGARA" (GRT 40000 DWT 75000) laden with 63.000 M/T of wheat, disabled about 350 n.miles east of Halifax. The S/T "ATLANTIC OAK" towed casualty safely in Halifax inner anchorage. The New Year has seen the Group sustain this momentum with little evidence to suggest a reduced workload looking ahead.