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Bulk Carrier "CARAVOS LIBERTY" - 2023 Oct 05

On 3 September 2023, the Bulk Carrier "CARAVOS LIBERTY" (GT 35,812 - DWT 63,301), laden with 60,500 tonnes of Indonesian Steam Coal in Bulk (loaded from Kalimantan area), grounded approx. 50 miles South of Balikpapan, Indonesia. The vessel was en route from Muara Berau Anchorage, East Kalimantan, Indonesia, to Magdalla Port, W.C. India.

On 4 September, Tsavliris despatched the AHTS "NMS BRAVERY" (BHP 5,200 - BP 80) from Balikpapan, Indonesia, arriving at the casualty's position the following morning. Additionally, Tsavliris mobilised two utility vessels to transport the Salvage Team and their equipment to the casualty. The Salvage Team comprising a Senior Salvage Master, two Salvage Engineers, a Naval Architect, a Rigger and a Divers Team of seven men, boarded the casualty.
Adverse weather conditions and strong currents, were prevailing in the area. Once conditions improved, the AHTS "NMS BRAVERY" safely berthed alongside the casualty. Several underwater inspections were carried out, which revealed significant damages by way of the forepeak/bulbous bow area.
As the vessel had stranded on rocks, it sustained damages to the foremost area bottom plates of the bulbous bow and forepeak. On the starboard side, this resulted in a rupture and the creation of a gaping hole approximately 3X3 metres in size. The frames, pillars and stiffeners inside the FPT's internal structure were bent inward/upwards approximately 4m from the bottom and were tangled. Two cracks were found on the port side bottom plate, as well as a smaller hole on the portside measuring approximately 20 cm. Inside the FPT, a significant quantity of broken rock and sand was observed.
On 15 September, a refloating plan was submitted to the local authorities, with efforts to refloat the casualty scheduled for next spring tides, between 16-20 September. During these tides, the high-water levels reach their maximum height 1.2 meters above Mean Sea Level.
On 17 September, the Tug "SYUKUR 52" towed the Barge "SYUKUR 53 (7,000 tonnes capacity) alongside the casualty. The plan involved a combination of ballasting forward ballast tanks to keep the vessel in position, lightering the cargo (about 1,000 tonnes discharged before refloating), pressurising with compressed air the FPT, and ballasting/de-ballasting several compartments to adjust the vessel's trim and achieve the desired draft at the bow.
On 18 September, the casualty was successfully refloated and the lightered cargo was reloaded. On 19 September, the vessel, escorted by the Tug "MNS BRAVERY", arrived safely at Balikpapan anchorage area ''A''.
The scope of temporary repairs to enable the vessel to resume her voyage was determined and approved by Class. They consisted of Brocco underwater holes (crack arrestors) to stop crack propagation, the cropping of protracted bottom plate and connection of ship air supply to pressurise FPT. The salvage operation (lasting five weeks) was completed successfully, whereupon the casualty resumed her voyage to destination.