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Motor Yacht "007" - 2023 Mar 31

On 3 September 2022, the Motor Yacht "007" struck rocks off Kythnos Island, Greece, and was beached at nearby picturesque Kolones Bay. The yacht was aground, laying semi-sunk on her port side with a list of approximately 80 degrees. The starboard side shell plating had several cracks and the bulbous bow was severely deformed/fractured. All the yacht's internal spaces were flooded.
On the same day of the accident, Tsavliris Salvage and Environmental Pollution Engineering (EPE) proceeded to the assistance of the casualty. The OSV "AEGIS I" (BHP 2,000 – BP 25), operated by EPE, was mobilised for antipollution services. Bunkers on board the yacht were removed and all necessary precautions were taken to prevent marine pollution.
Tsavliris mobilised immediately a Salvage and a Diving Team for inspections. The Owner's Master was assisted in the removal of valuable items from cabins including expensive jewelry.
Wreck removal tender was arranged by the Owner's/P&I club and in February 2023 the task was awarded to Tsavliris / EPE.

On 1 March 2023, Tsavliris Salvage Team, Antipollution Team and Divers from "Thalassa Diving" company arrived at the casualty's position and on 2 March, EPE's antipollution tug "AEGIS I" arrived, carrying various salvage equipment. Two floating cranes were arranged for the operation with the assistance of two tugs: floating crane "KOMNINOS" (110T lifting capacity) was towed from Heraklion, Crete, by the T/B "MICHALIS S" (BHP 1,000 - BP 20) and floating crane "BT1" (120T lifting capacity) was towed from Skala, Katerini, by Tsavliris' S/T "HERMES" (BHP 2,725 - BP 43), arriving at Kolones Bay, Kythnos, on 6 March and 12 March respectively.
The hull was made watertight by closing all openings and patching/sealing all cracks. The damaged section of the bulbous bow was cut and a plate was welded for watertightness.
Lifting air balloons were fitted on yacht's port side for additional buoyancy.
When the watertightness was verified, the cranes were positioned on the yacht's port side, forward and aft and the yacht's parbuckling step-by-step operation commenced by lifting with both cranes and simultaneously de-watering.
Following all safety protocols, the yacht was refloated and turned to upright position. List was corrected by moving weights internally.
Preservation of the main engines and diesel generators was carried out by Tsavliris specialist team. The oily bilge water was pumped out into the OSV "AEGIS I" tanks.
On 15 March, the yacht was successfully refloated.
The divers removed all debris from the seabed and cleaned the coast line to the satisfaction of Port Authorities.
The floating cranes demobilised and were towed back to their stations by two tugs, the S/T "HERMES" and the S/T "AGONISTIS" (BHP 2,400 – BP 35) respectively. The OSV "AEGIS I" demobilised back to its base in Piraeus.

On 24 March, Syros/Kythnos Port Authority granted sailing permission to M/Y "007" and T/B "MICHALIS S" commenced towage to Bodrum, Turkey, arriving safely at destination on 27 March. The entire operation was completed successfully on the same day.