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Greener Shipping Summit 2023 - 2023 Mar 17

New technologies and education were the focuses of the day-long Greener Shipping Summit, held on 16  March, at the Eugenides Foundation, Athens. It was the 14th Greener Shipping Summit organised by Newsfront / Naftiliaki under the auspices of Greece's powerful technical body MARTECMA. Led off by keynote speaker, Panos Kourkountis, chairman of MARTECMA, some 22 panelists and 450 delegates spent seven hours discussing the topics of the summit including: Managing and supporting the next generation ships; Education to boost the future of shipping; Degree and skills; Future education and skills in the maritime industry; Closing the gap between market needs and available human resource; Makers: From inventing to after sale service; Green Shipping technology; Educating the green shipping executives; The work as avenue to gain knowledge; Developing artificial intelligence; Talents and Green Technology; Developing the executives of the decarbonised world; and How the new technology impacts maritime education.

Summit chairman was George Tsavliris.

Conference Programme: