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Bulk Carrier "MAGIC SEAS" - 2022 Jun 21

On 17 April 2022, the geared Bulk Carrier "MAGIC SEAS" (GT 35,812 – DWT 63,500), laden with 60,500 tonnes of petroleum coke, sustained loss of propeller about 170 miles E of the Bermuda Islands. The vessel was en route from Corpus Christi, Texas, to Izmir, Turkey. 

On 19 April, Tsavliris were contracted to provide salvage assistance and on the same day the AHTS "ALP WINGER" (BHP 19,000 – BP 218) was mobilised from the port of Algeciras, Spain. The salvage team and equipment (despatched from Greece) on board the "ALP WINGER" consisted of salvage engineer, riggers, welders, fitters and divers. Moreover, prior to departure, three semi-submersible pumps of 100 m3/h each were placed on board the tug for installation in the casualty's tailshaft space.
On 2 May, the salvage tug arrived at the casualty's position.
Following an inspection by the salvage and dive team, it was found that the tailshaft had sheared off by way of the aft simplex seal and had been lost along with the propeller. Salvors secured the tailshaft from the engine room side and sealed it from both sides by fabricating/installing a steel box on the seaside and a cement box on the engine room side. To reinforce the engine room structures, additional brackets and vertical stiffeners were welded in place.
Towage to Izmir commenced on 4 May, and after altering course to Gibraltar for provisions and Malta for medical assistance, the convoy arrived at Izmir Bay on 4 June and the operation was completed successfully.
Following completion of the discharging operation on 7 June, Tsavliris deployed the AHTS "LEADER Z'' (BHP 10,800 – BP 131) from her base at Piraeus, to tow the vessel to Piraeus.
On 9 June, the "LEADER Z'' arrived at Izmir Bay, connected towline and commenced towage on 10 June towards Piraeus, Greece.
The convoy arrived OPL Piraeus on 13 June and was safely berthed on the same day at Salamis Shipyard with the assistance of two tugs.
Overall, the salvage operation lasted eight weeks, during which the salvage tugs covered almost 10,000 miles!