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Product Tanker "PYXIS EPSILON" - 2022 Feb 28

On 12 February 2022, Tsavliris despatched the TB "FOTEINI Z" (BP 65 - BHP 5,220) from Piraeus, Greece, to the assistance of the Product Tanker "PYXIS EPSILON" (DWT 50,124 - GT 29,730) which had sustained rudder damage and was anchored at Beirut Anchorage, Lebanon.
On 15 February, the tug arrived at Beirut and, following the issuance of towage certificate by a marine warranty surveyor, towage to Piraeus commenced on 16 February.
On 20 February, the convoy anchored at Pigadia, Karpathos Island, Greece, for re-securing the casualty's rudder blade and the voyage was resumed the next day. On 23 February, the convoy arrived safely at Piraeus Roads and on 24 February anchored at Elefsis Roads for slops discharging and cargo tanks inerting. After completion of these tasks, the vessel berthed safely at Talos Shipyard and the operation was successfully completed on 25 February.