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Slide2Open Shipping Finance 2022 - 2022 Mar 05


A very successful and well-attended shipping conference was held on 2-3 March in Athens. The innovative conference format included physical in person participation of distinguished guests, one-to-one physical and video call meetings and over 12,500 participants/visitors to the event electronically. In person participation at the Athens Divani Caravel Hotel was limited due to Covid restrictions.

Many important themes were discussed and deciphered by the growing community of Slide2Open Shipping Finance speakers: "Is this going to be one more shipping boom and bust cycle or are we about to witness different dynamics? Can Euphoria be for Real this time? Could the environmental considerations and uncertainties prevailing be a blessing in disguise and keep the order book in check? How will the newly advocated requirements of the environmental regulations influence banks and private equity funds? And how about the cost of transporting even the most basic of commodities and goods? How can we make trade sustainable and make it a win-win equation for producers, shippers and consumers?". At the end of the day, there is no doubt that all shipping industry stakeholders seek is sustainability in trade, in the environment, in society. 

Link with video recording of Mr Tsavliris giving the closing remarks at the "Slide2Open" Conference in "phygital" form:


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