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Motor Oil Hellas Refinery Anchorage - 2021 Oct 12

In September 2021, Tsavliris were mandated by Motor Oil Hellas (Vardinogiannis Group) to assist with their new project: an open sea anchorage at the energy group's refinery, which is located in Agioi Theodoroi, Corinth, Greece.
Motor Oil had installed 14 large-scale anchors (connected in groups through a sinker to a mooring buoy) in order to accommodate large vessels up to the size of ULCC; one of the few ports in the Mediterranean that can accommodate such capacity.
Tsavliris deployed the AHTS "LEADER Z" (BP 130 – BHP 11,040), in conjunction with tug operator Zouros, for the tensioning tests of the mooring buoy anchoring system (pulling each anchor at over 125 tonnes). During the procedure, two of the anchors were dislocated and had to be securely reinstalled.
This was a complicated project involving extra safety measures and special calculations.
The operation was completed successfully on 10 October.