TSAVLIRIS SALVAGE GROUP - News & Announcements


On 19 August 2021, the craned Bulk Carrier M/V "NAVIOS AMARYLLIS" (GT 32,415 - DWT 58,735), grounded on Rasfari Reef in the North Male Atoll, Maldives. The vessel was on a voyage from Tuticorin, India to Saldanha Bay, South Africa, in ballast.
On the same day, Tsavliris mobilised tugs, namely the AHTS "VIRGO" (BHP 13,500 – BP 155) and "'MAHA WEWA" (BHP 3,148 – BP 45) from Sri Lanka to her assistance. The salvage services developed into a major operation. Tsavliris assembled a fleet of support vessels (several highspeed workboats, two landing crafts, two barges, forklift, crane trucks etc). Additionally, an array of salvage equipment was airlifted from Dubai and Athens (including hydraulic pumps and accompanying hoses, powerpacks, also air compressors, antipollution booms, skimmers, dyneema ropes, drones etc).
All necessary environmental precautions were adopted in order to protect the environmentally sensitive area including encircling the vessel with a large inflatable boom. Tsavliris cooperated closely with the local authorities and engaged first-class subcontractors, including Environmental Pollution specialist "Polygreen" (Polyeco Group).
Before refloating the vessel, about 1,600 tonnes of bunker fuel and lubricants were transferred from lower to topside tanks to avoid any pollution risk. Underwater sealing of cracks was undertaken by divers team.
On 29 August, the casualty was successfully refloated without any oil spill and was anchored at the Male VLCC Anchorage Area. Tsavliris prepared the vessel for oceanic towage to repair yard.
The vessel dragged on numerous occasions due to adverse weather conditions (8-9 B) but was promptly supported/stabilised by the AHT "VIRGO which remains alongside the vessel pending departure under tow.