TSAVLIRIS SALVAGE GROUP - News & Announcements


Tsavliris Salvage has produced the new corporate Brochure which is published every four years for over two decades and reviews the highlights of the Group's activities including the most important salvage operations performed. Once again Tsavliris have combined the commercial record with aspects of historical significance. The new publication is dedicated to two important national anniversaries:

1. In 2020 Greece celebrated 2,500 years from the famous Naval Battle of Salamis and the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC which resulted in a decisive Greek victory against the Persians. The Battle of Salamis is one of the major turning points of European History, and one of the great tales of heroic endeavour which saved Europe from subjugation and enslavement.

2. In 2021 Greece celebrates 200 years from the Greek Revolution of 1821, a pivotal chapter in Greek history and a part of world history. A series of events and projects have been organised worldwide by the Greek government (in spite of the pandemic) aiming at re-introducing Modern Greece, from the beginning of its contemporary history to today.

*The front cover is depicting the Naval Battle of Salamis