TSAVLIRIS SALVAGE GROUP - News & Announcements


On 21 March 2021, the VLCC "NAVE BUENA SUERTE" (GT 152,727 – DWT 297,491), experienced stern tube damage off SE Myanmar coast. During the incident the vessel was on passage from Kuwait to Myanmar, in ballast condition.
On 23 March, Tsavliris despatched the AHTS ''MAERSK LOGGER'' (BHP 23,500 - BP 252) from Galle (via Trincomalee, Sri Lanka for bunkers) to the assistance of the casualty. On 24 March, professional agents were engaged at Singapore.
On 29 March, the tug arrived at the casualty's position, drifting about 29 miles WSW of Munaung Island, whereupon towage connection was established and towage to Singapore commenced.
Due to heavy traffic at Singapore/Malacca Strait, Tsavliris arranged for two straits pilots and another two tugs, namely the AHT "LANPAN 26" and the escort tug "PSA VALKYRIE", to assist the convoy. On 9 April, the pilots boarded the "MAERSK LOGGER" and the casualty at the rendezvous position off Brothers Islands. The AHT "LANPAN 26" made fast astern of the casualty and towage continued by the "MAERSK LOGGER",  crossing the Singapore traffic separation scheme, escorted by the "PSA VALKYRIE".
The "MAERSK LOGGER" disconnected tow line and delivered the casualty to five powerful harbour tugs which towed/escorted her to the designated anchorage area, while the AHT "LANPAN 26" and the "PSA VALKYRIE" were released.
The "MAERSK LOGGER", with the assistance of pilot proceeded to the anchorage area, and provided standby services.
On 16 April 2021, the salvage operation (lasting over four weeks) was successfully completed.