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Bulk Carrier “ASIA GRAECA” - 2020 Nov 26

On 19 November 2020, the Bulk Carrier "ASIA GRAECA"(GT 39,041 - DWT 73,902), laden with 39,309 tonnes of soya beans, grounded at KM 453 Parana river, Argentina, during downriver navigation. The vessel was partially obstructing navigation.

Tsavliris mobilised the T/B "RANQUEL" (BHP 4,436 – BP 77), the T/B "BRUTUS" (BHP 5,400 – BP 75), the bathymeter vessel "DN75" and salvage master.
Following a bathymetry survey and scouring by T/B "BRUTUS", both tugs connected forward of the vessel and the refloating operation commenced.
After the successful refloating, the T/B "RANQUEL" was released while the T/B "BRUTUS" provided standby services up to San Lorenzo, where all services were completed.