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Bulk Carrier "OURANIA LUCK" - 2020 Jul 17

On 4 July 2020, the Bulk Carrier "OURANIA LUCK" (GT 39,126 - DWT 75,961), laden with 44,834 tonnes of Argentine maize in bulk, while performing downriver navigation, grounded at 398,5 KM Parana River, Argentina, blocking the navigation channel.  During the incident the vessel was on passage from San Lorenzo, Argentina to Oman and Kuwait via Necochea.

Tsavliris despatched a salvage master, also engaged agents, an oil spill response company and a sounding boat. Moreover, Tsavliris deployed two tugs, namely the ZP T/B ‟BRUTUS‟ (BHP 5,400 - BP 72) from Rosario and the ZP T/B "RANQUEL" (BHP 4,500 - BP 78) from San Lorenzo, and a dive boat with divers for underwater inspection.

After all necessary surveys/preparations, the salvage operation (pulling, pushing, scouring) was carried out and on 5 July the casualty was refloated. On 6 July, the vessel anchored safely at General Lagos Roads, the tug "RANQUEL" was released, while the tug ‟BRUTUS‟ provided standby services until the Coastguard finalised all inspections. On the same day, the operation was completed successfully. Subsequently the diving survey was carried out at Necochea.