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Chemical/Product Tanker "GHETTY BOTTIGLIERI" - 2020 Jun 15

On 24 May 2020, the Chemical/Product Tanker "GHETTY BOTTIGLIERI"  (GT 25,063 - DWT 40,166), loaded with about 34,000 tonnes of mixed aromatics for CPP, immobilised due to main engine failure, approx. 370 miles East of Socotra Island - Arabian Sea, in the wider piracy zone.   During the incident the vessel was en route from Amsterdam, Netherlands to Nantong, China.

On 25 May, Tsavliris deployed the Ocean Salvage Tug ''GLADIATOR'' (BHP 8, 000 – BP 120) from Djibouti. On 31 May, armed guards boarded the tug from a floating armory vessel and upon arrival at the casualty's position, tow connection was established and towage to Fujairah, UAE commenced.

On 11 June, the convoy arrived safely at destination and the operation was completed.