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Bulk Carrier “FIRST I’’ - 2020 Apr 11

A six-month operation started at the end of October 2019, when the geared Bulk Carrier "FIRST I''(GT 32,415 - DWT 58,735) sustained rudder damage disabling her in Suez canal. During the incident the vessel was fully laden with 56,000 tonnes of wheat.

Tsavliris were contracted to tow the vessel from Suez Canal to Indonesia and later to Singapore.

On 2 November 2019, the AHTS "THOR I'' (BHP 14,400 – BP 173) was deployed from Mediterranean to Suez. Tsavliris' salvage team was mobilised from Piraeus to supervise an under-water inspection and prepare the vessel for towage.

The diving team confirmed the heavy bend of the rudder blade and decided to crop the bended part, stow it on the deck of "FIRST I" and secure remaining rudder amidships.

Upon completion of all preparations, towage commenced on 15 November towards the first discharge port Ciwandan, Indonesia.

Due to heavy yawing the T/B ''SWISCO SUPPLIER'' (BHP 4,200 - BP 55) was dispatched to assist the convoy with stern steering up to open sea. Armed guards boarded the tug and tow for protection.

On 13 December, the convoy arrived at Colombo roads for refueling and for disembarkation of armed guards. On 17 December the convoy resumed its voyage and arrived at Ciwandan anchorage on 4 January 2020.

The "THOR I'', provided stand by services and on 12 January was released.

For the second leg of the towage to discharge port Gresik, Tsavliris arranged (due to cabotage) the Indonesian flagged AHTS "TRITON ARJUNA''  (BHP 8,000 – BP 100) to mobilise from Surabaya on 31 January. Towage from Ciwandan commenced on 19 February and the convoy arrived at Gresik on 24 February.

On 5 March, upon completion of discharge at Gresik, towage to Singapore commenced and arrived on 12 March. Upon completion of stand-by services, the tow was delivered to port tugs and the AHTS demobilised to Surabaya.

The successful operation lasted 24 weeks (nearly six months) over a distance of 6,500 nautical miles.