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TSAVLIRIS SALVAGE Tugs feature in busy quarter - 2007 Apr 16

TSAVLIRIS SALVAGE GROUP, after an active 2006, held top position at Lloyds by way of number of Lloyds forms secured, having signed 18 LOFs. The Group also maintained its busy start for 2007 with more than ten significant operations performed during the last three months.


The first operation involved the "FOTIY KRYLOV" assisting the Turkish bulk carrier "KAPTAN NEVZAT KACAR", 24.100 dwt with engine problems 300 miles southwest of the Azores, while on a voyage carrying 22.000 mt of corn in bulk. The casualty was safely towed back to Ponta Delgada for the necessary repairs.


Less than a week later, "FOTIY KRYLOV" went to the aid of the bulk carrier "CLIPPER LIS", 28.000 dwt which encountered engine problems on a voyage to Cork. In a brief two-day operation, the tug towed the "CLIPPER LIS" back to Ponta Delgada, safely handing her over to harbour tugs.


In the middle of February 2007 "FOTIY KRYLOV" proceeded to Curacao to assist the bulk carrier "XANADU", 72.300 dwt being at Caracas bay, laden with 44.000 mt of iron ore, following grounding in the Orinico River. The towage was successfully completed when TSAVLIRIS salvage tug safely delivered the vessel to tugs at the port of Gijon in Spain.


Other TSAVLIRIS casualty handling was the towage operation by "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" that sailed from her salvage station at Piraeus, to assist the M. Vehicle Carrier "SEA AHMED", 14.000 dwt laden with 5.000 cars. "SEA AHMED" was safely towed from off West Crete to Piraeus.


Another operation involved the "MEGAS ALEXANDROS", during February 2007, which went to the aid of the bulk carrier "AKTI", 35.000 dwt, laden with 33.000 mt of granular phosphate. The casualty was disabled 10 miles off the east coast of Crete. The "MEGAS ALEXANDROS" towed her to Piraeus.


TSAVLIRIS salvage tug "LEOPARD" sailed during January 2007 from her salvage station at Mindelo, Cape Verde islands to assist the motor vessel "KEVIN", 7,500 dwt, laden with approximately 7000 mt bagged cement, immobilized 70 miles off Praia. The salvage tug "LEOPARD" was contracted to serve as escort.


It is noteworthy that the salvage tug "TSAVLIRIS HELLAS" - TSAVLIRIS SALVAGE GROUP's new acquisition - was involved in the search for the "GRACIA", 24.200 dwt laden with abt 23.000 tons rice, which was presumed sunk off southern Madagascar and in the escort service provided to the motor tanker Active, 22.300 dwt from Cape Town to East London.


Furthermore the TSAVLIRIS salvage tug "SB 408" towed from Colombo to Mormugoa, the M. Vehicle Carrier "SEA HANA", 12.000 dwt, in ballast following her sustaining engine damage.