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Tsavliris Salvage joins forces with MEMAC in the Middle East - 2020 Apr 22

Tsavliris Salvage is officially a licensed member of Marine Emergency Mutual Aid Centre (MEMAC), a marine environmental, intergovernmental organisation based in Bahrain, whose mission is to ensure the environmental protection of the ROPME sea area. The ROPME sea area consists of eight Member States: Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The new collaboration strengthens Tsavliris position in this highly regulated area and will utilise its significant experience through a wide range of services related to marine salvage and towage. All services will be provided on a 24/7 basis with the highest standards.

Tsavliris commented: "We are very pleased that we can continue to expand and meet the needs of our clients and colleagues in shipping around the globe.  In addition to our presence in Greece, the UK, the USA, China, Cyprus, Turkey and Brazil, this new collaboration in the Middle East with MEMAC, gives us the opportunity to serve one of the world's most important and busy shipping areas in the world with frequent environmental incidents". 


The Marine Emergency Mutual Aid Centre

The Marine Emergency Mutual Aid Centre (MEMAC) was established in 1982 in accordance with Article III of the Protocol concerning Regional Co-operation in Combating Pollution by Oil and other Harmful Substances in Case of Emergency.The main objectives of MEMAC as a Regional Intergovernmental Organisation for Marine Pollution are: to strengthen the capacities of the Contracting States and to facilitate co-operation among them in order to combat

pollution by oil and other harmful substances in cases of marine emergencies; and to assist Contracting States, which so request, in the development of their own national capabilities to combat pollution by oil and other harmful substances and to co-ordinate and facilitate information exchange, technological co-operation and training. The headquarters of MEMAC are located in the Kingdom of Bahrain. 


Tsavliris Salvage
Tsavliris is one of the most active emergency response contractors for maritime casualties worldwide and the most frequent user of the LOF contract, having handled over 3,000 casualties. The Group's international activities embrace every service relating to marine salvage & towage, extending to complex wreck removals and partnering today's shipowners in fulfilling their obligation to protect the marine environment from pollution. Tsavliris is committed to maintaining a modern global network for providing rapid assistance to shipping. This is achieved through the deployment of its own salvage assets as well as co-operation with regional and international salvage firms. Tsavliris provides an extensive scope of services including:
• Contingency Planning & Emergency Response
• Marine Salvage & Ocean Rescue
• Deep-Sea Towage
• Wreck Removal & Demolition
• Fire-fighting
• Pollution Abatement
• Ship & Cargo Recovery
• Anchor Handling & Offshore Support
• Sub-sea Works
• Casualty Engineering
• Management & Consultancy
• OPA90 Services in USA
• SPRO Services in China