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Q1 2020 TSAVLIRIS ACTIVITIES - 2020 Mar 23

Bulk Carrier "CHRIS GR"

On 3 December 2019,  the Bulk Carrier "CHRIS GR" (GT 30,632 – DWT 55,715), laden with 51,400 tonnes of brazilian yellow maize in bulk,  immobilised due to main engine problem about 20 miles east off Cape Bojeador, Philippines. During the incident the vessel was on passage from Santos, Brazil to Japan.

The area had been heavily affected by the Tropical Cyclone "Kammuri", which was passing 400 miles south west of the casualty's position, causing storm force winds, heavy seas and swell.

Tsavliris was contracted to provide salvage assistance and on 4 December, the T/B "Salvage Champion" was mobilised from Kaoshiung, Taiwan arriving at the casualty's position on 5 December. The casualty had drifted about 250 miles westerly from the initial position.

On 6 December, tow connection was established and towage commenced to Hong Kong in adverse weather conditions.

Under the circumstances, it was decided to provide further support and the salvage tug "Salvage Worker" was mobilised from her salvage station at Kaoshiung, joining the convoy on 9 December with towage connection at bow of "Salvage Champion".

On 11 December and due to improved weather conditions, the towline was disconnected from the bow of the "Salvage Champion" and was connected to the bow of the casualty. The "Salvage Champion" proceeded to the casualty's stern to further assist, if and when required.

On 12 December 2019, the convoy arrived safely OPL Hong Kong and the tow was delivered to four port tugs arranged by Tsavliris. The tugs "Salvage Champion" and "Salvage Worker" were released and demobilised to Kaoshiung.

With the assistance of pilots and the four port tugs the convoy safely arrived and berthed the casualty at the nominated floating dock No. 3 at Yiu Lian Shipyard, Hong Kong, where the salvage services were completed successfully.


Bulk Carrier "AEOLOS"

On 6 January 2020, the Bulk Carrier "AEOLOS" (GT 19,882 - DWT 31,640), laden with about 19,274 tonnes of steel products, immobilised due to loss of steering capability 23 miles north- east of Monemvasia, Peloponnese, Greece. During the incident the vessel was on passage from Nemrut Bay and Diliskelesi, Turkey, to San Nikolas and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

On the same day Tsavliris was contracted to provide salvage assistance and mobilised salvage tugs from their stations in Piraeus. The S/T "Vernicos Sifnos" arrived at the casualty's position and tow connection was established in severe weather conditions (up to 9 beaufort gusting to 10). On 7 January, towage commenced towards Neapolis Bay  for shelter. Later on the day, the salvage tug S/T "Ch. Gemitzoglou", established tow connection and both tugs towed the vessel towards Neapolis Bay. A diving team arrived at Neapolis for inspections. On 9 January, the S/T "Alexander 5" replaced the tug "Ch. Gemitzoglou" (immobilised  due to gas oil contamination with seawater),  was connected to the casualty and towage continued towards Piraeus roads.

On 10 January, the convoy was instructed to drift off Hydra. On 11 January, an underwater inspection was carried out on the high seas by divers deployed by fast offshore diving boat. It was reported that the ship's rudder was missing.

On 12 January, the convoy resumed towage arriving safely at Piraeus on 13 January.  On 14 January with the assistance of "Alexander 5", "Christos 42", "Karapiperis New Generation" and "Ifestos 2", the casualty was towed for mooring at Kynossoura, Piraeus under pilotage and escorted by "Vernicos Sifnos". On the same day the salvage services were completed successfully.


The TSAVLIRIS GROUP history publication

The TSAVLIRIS GROUP has proudly published the story of its founder Alexander G. Tsavliris and the evolution of the family business up to date.

The 200-page edition was published by Argo Publications and the well-known maritime historian Mr George M.Foustanos.


New publication: "Winning Shipping Strategies"

"Winning Shipping Strategies: Theory and Evidence from Leading Shipowners" is a brand new powerful book by co-authors Professor Paul Emmanuelides and Mr George Tsavliris. The book was published in December 2019 by Kerkyra Publications- Economia Publishing.

The book develops a comprehensive framework of winning shipping strategies through the application of established Strategic Management theory to the analysis of the shipping industry. Empirical evidence is drawn from case studies of leading firms from the thriving Greek shipping community.


ICS special award to Nicolas Tsavliris

A special award was presented to Mr Nicolas Tsavliris, Chairman of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers Greek Branch, for his continuous support to the Branch, his 15 years Chairmanship at the Greek Branch since 2004 and his long-standing dedication to the Institute, being a Member for over 50 years now. Mr Tsavliris passed the ICS London exams in 1969, at the age of 23 with distinction and was listed No.1 worldwide. The ceremony took place during the 15th ICS Annual Forum, in cooperation with the British Embassy Athens, on 10 December 2019 at the Eugenides Foundation.