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Q1 2019 TSAVLIRIS ACTIVITIES - 2019 Mar 31

Crude Oil Tanker "ATINA"

On 11 November 2018, the Suezmax Tanker "ATINA" (GRT 83,377 - DWT 159,500), laden with 135,500 tonnes of crude oil, immobilised due to main engine problem between Kos and Astypalaia islands, Aegean Sea, Greece.

Tsavliris Salvage was engaged to provide assistance and on the same day, the tugs "PANTOKTATOR" (BHP 4,052 - BP 53) and "PLATYTERA" (BHP 3,872 - TBP 51) were dispatched from Piraeus. The tugs arrived to the casualty's position on 12 November and provided escort services towards OPL Limnos Island for a planned STS operation.

On 17 November the tug "HERMES" (BHP 2,725 - TBP 43) departed from Patras port to load various STS equipment from Piraeus port and then continued to the casualty's position. The Tsavliris salvage team and riggers arrived at Limnos Island on 19 November.  On the same day the convoy arrived at  Limnos and dropped anchor south of Limnos ready in all respects for the STS operation. On 22 November the operation commenced from M/T "ATINA" to M/T "DONAT" and despite adverse weather conditions/interruptions, was successfully completed on 26 November.

On 27 November, "ATINA", escorted by the tugs "PLATYTERA" and "PANTOKRATOR", commenced her voyage to Elefsis shipyard. The convoy arrived at destination on 29  November and the operation was successfully completed.


Motor Chemical Tanker "ATLANTIC VOYAGER"

On 30 December 2018, the Motor Chemical Tanker "ATLANTIC VOYAGER" (GRT 8,513 – DWT 12,807), in ballast condition, immobilised about 85 miles west of Lamberts Bay, South Africa, due to engine problems.  The vessel was drifting towards the open sea due to the prevailing current.

Tsavliris Salvage was engaged to provide assistance and on 31 December the salvage tug "SA AMANDLA" (BHP 19,200 - TBP 185) was mobilised from Durban to provide salvage assistance. On 1 January, the current direction changed, resulting in the drifting of the vessel towards the adjacent coast. In order to avoid grounding and with the permission of Cape Town radio via Samsa, the port anchor was dropped 11.7 miles from Kleinsee (west coast of the Northern Cape province). During the period at anchor significant dragging subsequently occurred.

On 3 January, the "SA AMANDLA" arrived at the casualty's position, established tow connection and towage to Durban commenced. On 11 January, the convoy arrived safely at Durban and, with the assistance of a pilot and port tugs (arranged by salvors), the vessel was berthed at Dormac Shipyard for repairs. On the same day, the salvage operation was successfully completed.