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The 18th annual P&I conference - 2019 Feb 02

The Piraeus Marine Club held its 18th annual P&I conference on 31 January 2019. Organised by Evmar Marine Services' Maria Prevezanou and chaired by shipowner Lou Kollakis, Chartworld Shipping Corporation, speakers from 11 P&I clubs made presentations, while comments were made by shipping company representatives: Dinos Caroussis, George Gourdomichalis, Vasilis Bacolitsas, George Tsavliris, John Xylas, Yannis Botonakis and George Alexandratos as well as UK Defense Club board member, Yannis Triphyllis and American Hellenic Hull Insurance's CEO, Ilias Tsakiris.

The conference tackled questions over liability, fines and casualty claims following emissions regulations and came to the conclusion that P&I clubs could face greater risk exposure after IMO 2020, with the prospect of having to pay owners' fines, an increase in casualty claims and other liabilities.

George Tsavliris, Principal of Tsavliris Salvage, challenged the P&I clubs to be proactive in educating owners over their responsibilities and asked "Which clubs have advised owners about collateral engine damage, fines, charterparty terms and potential problems which will arise?".