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General Cargo Vessel IBRAHIM KONAN - 2018 Oct 16

On 5 October 2018, the general cargo vessel "IBRAHIM KONAN"  (GRT 5,581 - DWT 8,107), en route from Italy to Varna, Bulgaria, laden with 2,520 tonnes  of RDF (refuse-derived fuel), immobilised due to main engine and auxiliaries failure, about 45 miles north west of Cephalonia island, Greece.

On the same day, Tsavliris' T/B  "PROTEAS" (3,200 BHP - 45 TBP) mobilised from Patras, Greece,  arrived at the casualty's position on 6 October and towage commenced. Tsavliris' agents received permission from the Corinth Canal authorities for the convoy to transit the canal.

On 7 October, the convoy arrived at Patras anchorage. A salvage team (salvage master and salvage engineer) boarded the vessel. Tsavliris' T/B "HERMES I" (1,320 BHP – 20 TBP)  arrived on site  for  reconnection  assistance of the main and emergency tow lines, and towage to Gulluk, Turkey commenced via Corinth Canal. The "HERMES I" connected  at the stern of the tow as a steering tug and was released on 8 October. Due to adverse weather conditions, the convoy reduced speed and sheltered south of Amorgos Island for several hours.

On 10 October, the convoy arrived safely at destination and the vessel anchored at Gulluk inner Port safe anchorage. On 11 October, the T/B "PROTEAS" safely delivered the casualty and demobilised to her salvage station at Patras. Due to adverse weather conditions of about 8 BF in the Aegean Sea, "PROTEAS" sheltered for about 2 days at Kalymnos and Naxos Islands.