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Bulk Carrier "TRIUMPH" - 2017 Aug 20

On 27 July 2017, the Bulk Carrier "TRIUMPH" (GT 30,661 – DWT 50,619) immobilised due to main engine problems approximately 1,050 miles west of Port of Ensenada, Mexico in the Pacific Ocean. During the incident the vessel was on a voyage from Port Rhoades, Jamaica to Longkou, China, laden with 47,000 tonnes of bulk bauxite.

On 29 July, Tsavliris Salvage dispatched the MT "MICHELLE FOSS" to her assistance, from Seattle. Prior to departure the tug was supplied with 10 drums x 220 litres oil for transfer to the casualty.

On 2 August, the "MICHELLE FOSS" arrived at the casualty's position and delivered about 20 tonnes of fresh water.  However, due to prevailing swell it was impossible to deliver the oil drums to the casualty.

Towing connection was established and towage to Ensenada commenced. During the towage, the vessel was supplied with an additional 20 tonnes of fresh water.

Due to heavy yawing of the tow, the tug's speed was reduced to avoid damages.  The convoy arrived safely at Ensenada on 14 August. With the assistance of "MICHELLE FOSS"  as leading tug, two pilots and three port tugs, the vessel berthed. The "MICHELLE FOSS" berthed alongside at pier No. 2, waiting for outward clearance and to deliver the oil drums to the casualty. On 15 August, the oil drums were delivered to the vessel, the "MICHELLE FOSS" was released and the operation was completed.