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Bulk Carrier "VSC POSEIDON" - 2017 Aug 01

On 26 June 2017, the Bulk Carrier "VSC POSEIDON" (GT 40,357 – DWT 74,957) encountered main engine malfunction and anchored north of Salvador, Brazil. The vessel was en route from Mobile, USA to Richards Bay, South Africa, laden with 54,000 tonnes of shoal creek coking coal.

On 26 June, Tsavliris Salvage were contracted to provide assistance and on 27 June, Tsavliris' Salvage Master was instructed to inspect the tugs "TS MERITO" and "TS FAVORITO" (60 TBP each) before they were dispatched from Rio de Janeiro (Niteroi), Brazil on 28 June. Moreover, various meetings were held with the Port Authorities regarding entry permits to Salvador.

On 2 July, the two tugs arrived at the casualty's position and tow lines were established in adverse weather conditions. Due to strong wind (40 knots) and swell (up to 4 meters), both tugs disconnected for safety reasons and stood-off the casualty. Significant dragging of about 600 metres was noted towards submerged cables (fiber optics), approximately 2 miles from the anchored position. All towing arrangements for safe re-connection were made and on 6 July towage commenced with difficulties and interruptions due to prevailing weather conditions.

On 9 July, the vessel safely anchored south of anchorage No 5. Due to prevailing swell, technicians and surveyors were unable to board the vessel for inspection. A meeting was held at Harbor Master's office with all parties concerned including Navy Officers. It was agreed that the vessel proceed to anchorage No. 3 for repairs with the assistance of the two salvage tugs and two port tugs, the "MERCURIUS" and the "CEPHEUS".

On 13 July, the salvage master boarded the vessel and the convoy arrived safely at No. 3 anchorage. The two port tugs were released while the two salvage tugs provided stand by services.  On 14 July, the services were terminated and both tugs were released.