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Bulk Carrier "NAVIOS ORBITER" - 2017 Jul 18

On 12 July 2017, the bulk carrier "NAVIOS ORBITER" (GT 39,727 - DWT 76,602) experienced mechanical failure and was immobilised approximately 64 nautical miles east of Lisbon, Portugal. The vessel was en route from the Amazon River, Brazil, to Lisbon and Amsterdam, laden with 55,000 tonnes of soya beans.

On 13 July, Tsavliris Salvage was engaged and on 14 July the "VB HISPANIA" (BHP 8,046 - BP 103T) was dispatched from Ceuta, Spain to her assistance via Gibraltar for the embarkation of the shipowner's superintendents. On 14 July, the tug arrived at the casualty's position and on 15 July tow connection was established and towage to Lisbon commenced.

On 17 July, the convoy arrived at destination and proceeded to the inner anchorage with the assistance of two port tugs. The operation was completed successfully on the same day.