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Green Award Foundation has announced that their network of incentive providers has extended to China. On 31 July 2017, Kamji Marine Agency Ltd entered the Green Award scheme.

With discounts up to 5% on various services for Green Award certificate holders, it makes KAMJI MARINE the first Green Award incentive provider in China. In 2012, Kamji Marine entered into a joint venture with TSAVLIRIS SALVAGE GROUP in Greece and has since secured its market share in Europe.

Kamji Marine Agency Ltd, headquartered in Zhoushan, has branch offices in Europe. The company is a husbandry agent (local agent in Zhoushan port and a general agent for all other Chinese ports). It offers a wide range of services such as sludge disposal, tanker cleaning, dry dock repair, technical repair, store & spare parts supply and acts as a SPRO agent. Green Award certified ships and offices are offered a 3% discount for owner matter agency, no cash payment on board the ship for SPRO retainer fee and a 5% discount on sludge disposal, tank cleaning, technical repair and store & spare parts supply.

Green Award surveys and certifies ships and ship managers that demonstrate excellent performance. The certificate is recognised by the industry as a quality mark and is rewarded with various benefits by ports and maritime products and services suppliers. Ships and ship managers must meet strict requirements covering safety, quality and environmental performance to successfully pass the certification.

In a symbolic handover, Captain Dimitrios Mattheou, Chairman of Green Award Foundation, formally handed over the Green Award plaque to Mr Johnny Ma, Chairman of Kamji Marine Agency Ltd in the presence of various guests from China, Miss Katerina Polychroniou, Director of Kamji Marine Hellas and Mr Jan Fransen, Green Award Executive Director.

Mr Mattheou noted that this is a milestone for Green Award because "this is an exceptional accomplishment for the social responsibility stewardship of Kamji Marine Agency. By becoming an incentive provider, they have become pioneers since they are the first company from China to join the scheme. It is a giant step for Green Award as well. Green Award is committed to sustainable future for our planet and with this step green approach spreads to a new region reducing environmental impact and promoting safety".

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Johnny Ma, Chairman of Kamji Marine Group, said, "Our aim is to provide excellence through quality".


About Kamji Marine Agency Ltd

KAMJI MARINE GROUP LTD. was established in Zhousan, China in 2009. Kamji Marine is a qualified and creditable international marine service provider, integrating salvage, oil pollution prevention, husbrandry agent, SPRO, sludge disposal, tank cleaning, store and spare parts supply, bunkering, dry docking, various technical repairs etc. Kamji's service network covers more than 50 Chinese ports and has representatives in Europe and Korea. In 2012, Kamji Marine entered into a joint venture with TSAVLIRIS SALVAGE GROUP in Greece. The last two years, Kamji Marine has opened ten branch offices throughout China.


About Green Award Foundation

The Green Award Foundation was established in 1994. Green Award certifies ships that are extra clean and extra safe. Ships with a Green Award certificate reap various financial and non-financial benefits. By rewarding high safety and environmental standards in shipping, Green Award makes  standard ship operation economically more attractive. The Green Award certification scheme is open to oil tankers, chemical tankers and dry bulk carriers, LNG, LPG and container carriers and inland navigation vessels.

The Green Award procedure is carried out by the Bureau Green Award, the executive body of the independent non-profit Green Award Foundation. The certification procedure consists of an office audit and an audit of each individual ship applying for certification. Amongst many others, the assessment focuses on crew, operational, environmental and managerial elements. At ports in Belgium, Canada, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Oman, New Zealand, Portugal, South Africa and now China, the Green Award vessels receive a considerable reduction on port dues. Private companies also appreciate the extra quality which Green Award guarantees. Several incentive providers, government institutions as well as private companies, grant savings to a vessel with a Green Award certificate, which (subject to annual verification) is valid for three years.