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"ISM code on trial" organized by LSLC/BIMCO - 2006 May 26

In our constant effort to support educational programs and debates on serious issues related to the shipping industry; TSAVLIRIS SALVAGE GROUP were supporters of the ISM event hosted by the London Shipping Law Centre, where George A. Tsavliris is an active member of the steering committee.


LSLC together with BIMCO organized the event for this year in Athens, on the10thMay. The topic was 'ISM on Trial'' and was held in the Metropolitan Hotel's Aegean Sea ballroom. Mrs. Aleka Mandaraka Sheppard, director of the London Shipping Law Centre, despite her close ties with the Greek shipping community, organized the event for the first time in Greece. "The event achieved its major objective to point out that the risks associated with the ISM must be taken care of by a systematic application of risk identification and assessment" said Mrs. Sheppard.


The London Shipping Law Centre-in partnership with BIMCO managed to offer a very interesting conference in a mock trial staged to investigate the legal implementation and problems in the international safety management code. For the beginning Prof. John Tzoannos from the Ministry of the Mercantile Marine, Greece welcomed the audience, then Mr. Ian MacLean, master mariner and solicitor with Ince & Co played the role of DPA in the witness box, Dr Phil Anderson the expert witness and Mr. Andrew Mitchell of Lloyd's Register presented the errors into the system. The arguments by Steven Berry QC of Essex Court Chambers were accepted by 'judge' Sir Anthony Evans and heard by over 200-strong audience in Athens that evening.