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Bulk Carrier "ANASTASIA K" - 2017 Apr 05

On 3 April 2017, the Bulk Carrier "ANASTASIA K" (GT 42,868 – DWT 79,500) grounded off Rosario, Rio Parana at KM 420. During the incident the vessel was on passage from Rosario to Saudi Arabia (via Bahia Blanca) laden with 46,500 tonnes of grain (28,500 tonnes of corn and 18,000 tonnes of soya beans).

On 4 April, Tsavliris' local salvage master boarded the vessel while tugs "COOPER ESTIBADOR" (5,000 BHP - 65 TBP) and "RANQUEL" (4,500 BHP - 76 TBP) were mobilised from San Lorenzo and Rosario respectively. Both tugs arrived on the same day and connected at stern. Upon receipt of the Coast Guard's permission, refloating attempts commenced under the directions of the salvage master.

The vessel refloated successfully and proceeded to anchorage area, escorted by the tugs. "ANASTASIA K" was safely anchored by both anchors and the two tugs were released.