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Container Vessel “EFENDI BABA” - 2017 Feb 15

On 5 February, Tsavliris dispatched the AHT "MTS VIGILANT" (3,300 BHP, 48 TBP) from Cartagena, Spain, to the assistance of the container vessel "EFENDI BABA" (GT 4,984 - DWT 7,014), laden with about 6,335 MT of steel products. The vessel immobilised due to main engine problems NE of Tenes, Algeria.

Due to adverse weather conditions (7-8 Beaufort) and strong currents, the vessel drifted very close to the coast. On 6 February the Master lowered the port anchor which touched the bottom resulting in reduction of drift and prevention of grounding. Later in the day the AHT "MTS VIGILANT" arrived at casualty's position, the towline was connected and towage commenced towards international waters.

The Algerian coast guard vessel No. 701-AL MUNJID was on standby near the vessel monitoring the situation in order to verify the arrival of tug.

Instructions were received from the Owners for the convoy to proceed to Malaga, Spain.

On 9 February the convoy arrived safely at Malaga anchorage and the salvors arranged for the tow to be delivered to port tugs. The vessel berthed alongside with the assistance of port tugs and pilot. The salvage services were successfully terminated and the AHT "MTS VIGILANT" was demobilised.