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Products Tanker "SPOTTAIL" - 2016 Nov 16

On 1 November 2016, the Products Tanker "SPOTTAIL" (GT 40,975 – DWT 74,997) on passage from Singapore to Sri Lanka, in ballast condition, ran aground on the north coast of  Pulau Takong Besar, Indonesia. The port authority of Batam claimed reef and fish farm damage.

On 2 November, Tsavliris Salvage were contracted to provide salvage services. Personnel, crafts and equipment were dispatched i.e. two tugs ("Sumber Harbour" and "Sumber Z Marine" – BHP 3,200 –BP 45 each), a diving boat (with diving team in situ) and a salvage master.

On 5 November underwater inspection of the starboard side was undertaken. At the same time naval architects were working with ballast/de-ballast sequences, trim and stability calculations. The vessel remained aground with two tugs and the diving support vessel in the near vicinity.

The refloating plan was prepared and was submitted for approval.

On 8 November the vessel was successfully refloated with the assistance of tugs in combination with a ballast/de-ballast operation and proceeded to Nipa anchorage where both tugs were released.

On 9 November an underwater inspection (witnessed by class, insurers and owners' representatives) was carried out and on 10 November another diving inspection was arranged to determine the condition of the grounding site seabed.

The salvage services were successfully terminated on 10 November, without any coral reef damage or pollution having occurred.